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Record videos to use on “Skype in the classroom”


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Record videos to use on “Skype in the classroom”

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  1. Posté le 21/04/2011 à 07:54:48  
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Skype in the classroom, officially launched at the end of March 2011, is a free global community to help teachers collaborate on classroom projects and share skills and inspiration around specific teaching needs. It also offers an immediate way to help students discover new cultures, languages and ideas, all without leaving the classroom. So far, more than 9,000 teachers have registered their classrooms in this free, online database.

 This new Skype community is a great and powerful teaching tool. Teachers can go online to register for free and add in their contact details, also find where their school is located and what their interests are. It makes teachers to collaborate on classroom projects where they might use Skype, and share skills and inspiration around specific teaching needs. Students can discover new cultures, languages and ideas without leaving the classroom. So, the learning will be more interesting and memorable. Students from any countries can also discuss images of their favorite foods, maps of their country's geography, and information on what kind of weather they have, even comparing school uniforms. It’s really exciting when Skype's videoconferencing technology was used. For example, one little American girl asked the Chilean students if they had to wear uniforms. To answer, a fifth grader popped in front of the camera and proudly showed off her "jumper with colored ties". It’s indeed a great way to get kids to learn more about the world they live in and interact with other kids. If you want to enroll your classroom in “Skype in the classroom”, visit Skype Education website.

 Then, teachers on Skype in the classroom should definitely consider using a Skype video recorder to record or capture video and audio like Camersoft Skype Video Recorder to record the video calls so that the experience can be shared with other children. Especially, the ability to record the entire exchange in a single file – the video and audio of all participants in a side-by-side format – would make it very easy to share these cultural exchanges.​/skypevideo/skypevideorecorder​-7.jpg
 The resource section of Skype in the classroom is stacked with videos, links and tips. With recorder program, teachers can smoothly and easily add resources of their own or favorite the ones they like best to create a huge, shareable library of teaching ideas. This Skype video recorder can record video and audio, and then save it as AVI files. More powerful, teachers can convert AVI files to many other formats you want to play with any media devices and merge many single files into one to share with students conveniently on Skype in the classroom.

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