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Pixel 3a is easily the best smartphone Ive ever owned.


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Pixel 3a is easily the best smartphone Ive ever owned.

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  1. Posté le 22/05/2019 à 19:46:27  
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Hello everyone,

I have not had a single complaint, and this is a first for me. There's always something going on, but I can honestly say.
I've been told that I'm "too picky", or that my "standards are too high", but I just want to experience that is not full of compromise. After 3 different service providers and over a dozen smartphones, I think I have found a little something special in the Google Pixel 3a. Special enough that I wanted to share.
For some background: I have struggled for years to find a flagship-spec phone, that is on the smaller size (<5" ). I absolutely hate laggy apps, crashes, freezes, and usage disruptions. This necessitates decent processing and RAM, especially to keep up with moderate multitasking. Hence leaning on the top-tier handsets. I dont really need a larger screen, and will undoubtedly drop anything over 4". Unfortunately the trend has been moving toward larger bezzle-less screens. After dropping 3 in a row, I really started seeking out smaller phones. This only led to more frustration with garbage hardware, and unsupported buggy software. For some stupid reason, no one made smaller screen phones that had any merit.
So after hurling my Revvl 2 into a wall last week, it was once again time for a new phone. Even worse, I really needed to transfer texts from the old (now screen-less) to the new. Since this usually requires WiFi sync, and app-based authorities that you have to read and click, I thought I was boned.
I finally get through a long story's worth of BS, and was looking at S9, 1 + 6T, the 3a, and some LG. I ended up just choosing the P3a cause I knew it had a decent rep, and native Android. It was also half the cost ($ 400usd) Unbeknownst to me, Pixel 3a happens to offer direct phone-to-phone transfer. So with a little ingenuity, and patience, my awesome TMobile was able to completely replicate the old phone to the new, without a screen. It copied my Call and Text logs, GAccount and config settings, my wifi passwords, even my wallpaper. I literally had nothing to set up. All it was was password confirmations on each app that self installed (for security purposes, I appreciate). This one thing probably saved me 5-10 hrs of my time, which is really, really valuable to me.
Reception is great, music sounds great, voice to text is scary good, GAssistant on squeeze is cool. I even like the haptic better. All that, and it runs NATIVE Android. I should not know this community about the difference that makes.
One last thing to gush over, and Ill be done:
I use 3.5mm jack every day I work. It's inconveniently necessary for me to have this "feature". I hated my MotoZ for not having one. The headphone jack, at the top (where it should be), was literally one of the biggest selling factors.

Thank you!

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  1. Posté le 22/05/2019 à 22:52:32  
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Salut ! désolé forum francophone ! :-\

@+ :)

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