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Brexit un désastre pour l'Angleterre



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Brexit un désastre pour l'Angleterre

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  1. Posté le 11/08/2019 à 14:15:31  
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I was and am profoundly shocked and horrified when I heard the nomination of Boris Johnson who was originally issuing lies to influence the English people to vote the Brexit. He does not represent the views of the majority of the total population of the UK.
The new Prime Minister Boris Johnson certainly does not represent the views of many, if not most, of British citizens.

Boris Johnson has received no mandate to govern from the country, having been elected as leader of the Conservative Party and therefore appointed Prime Minister by only 0.14% of the population of the UK. This proves that it is not really democratic!

Many people in the UK are appalled by Mr Johnson’s rhetoric, and consider him morally and practically unfit to hold the office of Prime Minister. His lies during the referendum campaign being a key example of this.

The UK’s membership of European Union is the best means to effectively tackle climate change, protect workers’ rights and keep England safe through enhanced security co-operation, as well as being part of a the world’s biggest market for trade, exchange and tourism. It is also the best route for opening up additional markets; within the EU you can secure far better terms for your domestic producers than you can outside it, where we will be subject to the whims of much larger markets such as the US or China who will necessarily prioritise their own markets above yours.

I am appalled by the election of this charlatan as prime minister.
And therefore I really hope that you will battle for the soul of you so deer democracy.
As I understood by the news the last month, there is now a real Brexit minority position and most of the English people are struggling to save your democracy and stop Brexit.

I understood that many people in the United Kingdom are upset and shocked at the appointment of Boris Johnson as new Prime Minister. Boris Johnson was elected by less than 100,000 members of the Conservative party that is only (!) 0.2% of the total population of the UK.

The Liberal Democrats are united in a consistent support for remaining in the European Union. The Brexit vote was won following a campaign of lies and misinformation by the Leave side which was headed by Mr Johnson. In the last three years the Conservative government still has not produced a workable plan to leave the EU that has been accepted by all of Parliament or indeed the majority of the country. The nation is sadly divided with Scotland and Northern Ireland both voting to remain in the EU in 2016 and England and Wales voting to leave, based on the lies of Mr Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

However I still believe the mood of the country is changing and more and more people try to gain a further referendum once any details of a leave package is agreed or indeed a no deal becomes the likely outcome.

I feel that if you leave, there will be millions immediately campaigning for a return – especially all the young people who will be hurt the most.
I have several friends from EU countries living in the UK who also fear for their future.
It is very very disappointing and not understandable that Boris Johnson has become your Prime Minister.
If there is a general election I believe the people as a whole will reject him and Britain will return to a better direction.

Well to conclude, I love England and since a very long time I visit England every year, even twice a year. If the Brexit will be official I’ll not go back to England, but will go to European part of Ireland.

Best regards to you all!

I hope that Boris Johnson who acts as a Trump the 2nd, will be replaced by a real democratic vote of ALL concerned people.

I wish England, country I admire, good luck and very quick a replacement of Boris Johnson.

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  1. Posté le 11/08/2019 à 14:29:19  
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hello :o

it's a francophone forum so speak this language

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