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Beats Studi

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To lead the project, Mr. Zuckerberg brought on an old Harvard friend, Sam Lessin, through the October 2010 acquisition of Red Bottom Shoes his file-sharing start-up, Drop-io. Mr. Zuckerberg met with Mr. Lessin and his new team for a three-hour meeting every Tuesday and for Red Bottom Heels another hour on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Since the team was still informal, people volunteered on the weekends to help think about Red Sole Shoes what a new profile page would look like. A group met on a Saturday morning in late 2010 at Piccino Cafe in San Francisco's Dog Patch neighborhood to continue a "brain dump" meeting from the previous day.
 After lunch, they stocked up on coffee and went back Oakley Outlet to Lee Byron's house, one of the designers on the project. Mr. Byron spread out sheets of construction paper and threw a bunch of markers Cheap Oakley Sunglasses on the table. One day in January, Facebook designer Joey Flynn prepared all day and into the night for a presentation to Mr. Zuckerberg. "He'd had two hours of sleep," recalled another designer, Adam Mosseri. "He was talking Oakley Sunglasses a mile a minute." At the end, "he blacked out," said Mr. Mosseri, and "passed out on the floor. It was epic," he said.
 The designers came up with puns for all the various prototypes they'd created, a mixture of pop-culture references, dirty jokes and Beats Studi puns. There was, for example, "Slider House Rules," a mock-up where a single Web page represented a year of a user's life that could be flipped Beats Dre Headphones through by a sliding motion. Another version was called "Jumper," because the profile would have an overview that could be "jumped" to from year to year.  "We created a common language," said Mr. Flynn. "We'd be in really serious talks."

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