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Black Jack card counting technique



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Black Jack card counting technique

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  1. Posté le 18/01/2020 à 13:52:45  
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Black Jack card counting technique

The strategy for counting cards is based on probabilities, and counting all cards in a game deck or decks. This strategy, however, has a small flaw: after several hands, the dealer discards the remaining cards that have not been played, and the next hand can be made from a newly shuffled deck. Before the dealer shuffles the cards, a good half, if not three-quarters of all the cards may be discarded in this way. This means that among the discarded cards could be exactly the cards that carried the advantage to the player.And that was supposed your counting strategy chatrt. The card counting system calculates the probability of a 10-point card being dealt only based on the cards still in the deck.

The most common and simple counting system assigns a certain value to the cards in the deck:
All cards from twos to sixes have a value of +1.
All cards from tens to aces have a value of -1.
Sevens, eights, and nines have a value of 0.

As the player sees the played (and subsequently discarded) card, he adds up the values of these cards. If the starting point is 0, this current account can take both negative and positive values. If the first hand from the deck has a deuce (+1), a nine (0), a king (-1), an ACE (-1), a ten (-1), and a waltz (-1), the current score will be -3 (minus three).

The higher the current score, the more Junior cards were played, which means a higher percentage of senior cards in the deck. Why is this important to us? Remember that the basic strategy system is based on the assumption that the next card will be worth 10 points. If you know that the percentage of high cards in the deck becomes higher than usual, this assumption — and therefore the entire strategy as a whole — becomes more effective.

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