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Tomtom Nike+ Sportwatch

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  1. Posté le 11/06/2012 à 15:01:04  

[:Telecharger:1]   TomTom et Nike lancent de nouvelles versions de leur montre GPS Nike+ SportWatch. Désormais proposée à partir de 149 euros, cet accessoire de sport est décliné en vert acidulé très « flasy » et très tendance, mais aussi dans un habillage noir et anthracite plus sobre. Désormais compatible Nike Fuel, une sorte d’unité de mesure des performances universelles mise au point par Nike, les sportifs pourront comparer leurs performances dans plusieurs types de sport. Une montre qui pousse encore un peu plus loin le « challenge ».

  1. Posté le 24/05/2013 à 03:06:18  

 Ports 1961 is entered be stationed in London luxury general merchandise
 London, this fashionable, pioneer, international <a href="UR"L>louis vuitton artsy gm</a> that starts trend from beginning to end is cosmopolitan, having the customer with the boldest whole world, most the move of diversity fits a style, the originality with the most ancient clever odd choice, still have most old brand also most the luxury general merchandise that draws modern young person -- Harvey Nichols. The Harvey Nichols of famous establishs 1813, global flagship store is located in London Knightsbridge and Sloane market opening. Here is the pilgrim ground that global star and vogue amount to a person, loved even deceased Princess Diane to come here to shop most in the past. And Harvey Nichols has any new acts, do not escape naturally to cross the acumen smell of current people.
 2010, ports 1961 London first " the inn in inn " kick off formally in Harvey Nichols. Originality chief inspectorFionaWith Tia Cibani sister two gathering to include GiorgioArmani, Vivienne Westwood, BurberryEtc numerous " stylist brand " small-sized group was run inside 2 buildings inn beautiful to Ji Chunxia new clothes. Low-key the consistent way that does not lose the opening ceremony of the style to accord with Ports again, guest people wear outfit is decent, style of conversation is artistic, each has interest greatly. That day " Vogue " the publisher Stephen Quinn of magazine England edition, " The Evening Standard " the head of fashionable edition Maurice Mullen, " field of fame and gain " Emma Marsh of fashionable chief inspector and modelling division Mouchette Bell, still have melodrama " the cat on housetop of hot iron sheet " producer Stephen Byrd and Alia Jones, the chief inspector Cas Donald of Battersea Arts Centre is visited etc sing the praises. It is early as to Olivia Palermo of Yuan of name of the old friend of Ports, new York between cycle of London fashionable dress with respect to seek by inquiry of too impatient to wait this new store.
 Enter Ports new store, be just as a station to be in space of a floating, viewing and admire the dance appearance with gorgeous fashionable dress --
 Many overhang inside inn and the metallic thread below is hanging clothes tree of knob type alloy, two organic glass are revealed frame also be in by suspension a side -- this can'ts help letting a person remember He Luosha of Ports new York Ji the design of two inn. Most special is, <a href="UR"L>louis vuitton insolite wallet</a> amid is pensile still 7, 8 model model will show new fund the latest fashion. With " overhang " production float feeling, the fashionable dress instantaneous of elegant fashionable ases if racily can dance, if face dreamland,invite a customer. Can say, the design with original Winka Dubbeldam, your shop is in style of inn of high-quality goods of continuance Ports whole world while, also show the idiosyncratic dripping wet with Fiona and Tia lightsome and clever work. New store of this Ports London just opened before long, much money already made work when season masterpiece exhaust, woman of London of it serves to show is worn in vogue mount is how bold, pioneer.

  1. Posté le 26/05/2013 à 10:04:18  

 On the west armour: C collect Mei Kaier spends 9 to enter horse of 11 balls emperor 5
 In new networkOn October 29 electric Beijing time on October 29 04:30, battle of the 9th round of a focus is in league matches of Spanish football first class field spreads out Shengmoyisi, royal Madrid guest field 5 get stuck than 0 big the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces success a horse, much plum of Er of C- collect accept opens 2 degrees, yi melon because two pass two shoot, the Ka Liehong that the reserve comes on the stage is perfected.
 Horse of 8 minutes of emperor obtains begin banner, dimaliya is passed continuously, yi melon is smoked because of half be high up in the air shoot excommunicate. The 22nd minute, because be stranded neat Er, Dimaliya and Yi melon pass a ball continuously, much interest of Er of C- collect accept shoots remote corner to join a network, score turns into 2-0. The 34th minute, be stranded Qi Er is passed continuously, er of C- collect accept is smoked on the right side of much forbidden zone shoot slant piece.
 The second half, emperor horse brings into match rhythm the palm to accuse leisurely in. The 70th minute, luonaerduo passes <a href="UR"L>Wholesale Retro Jordan</a> C- continuously, yi melon shoots excommunicate because of pushing, the score of 3-0 let the match lose final be concerned about.
 The 73rd minute, yi melon is passed continuously because of face about, er of C- collect accept is much lower shoot excommunicate, 4-0. The 91st minute, molada is passed continuously, be stranded neat Er is irruptive forbidden zone is inclined pass, ka Liehong is relaxed excommunicate, score is in by calm case 5-0.

  1. Posté le 26/05/2013 à 10:49:15  

 30 days of hotspots: Field of Zheng clean center fights small Weimuleikewa to rush 16 strong
 Beijing time on June 30, 2012 sports season are lukewarm Boer open competition will enter a tennis day of the 6th race, was in that day centrosphere field is ordinal those who appear is Zheng Jie to Zhen Xiaowei, Feileier PK Luo Di is overcome, and Mu Lei of native land cosset; The Zheng Jie outside dividing singles still will attend mix double competition, floret Zhang Shuai also will be participated in mix double contention. Additional, the female odd champion that defend crown is Keweituowa, Belgian favour of Lai of cloth of elder brother of new beautiful Ge Fen, encourage annals - Beck and the Luosuoer that washed out Nadaer; Yi Monuo Wei Ji VS Geergesi, bright and beautiful the match that knits an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions to challenge Deerboteluo is worth to pay close attention to very much.
 Centrosphere field
 The first: Female sheet Mu of the 3rd round of small Williams this (6) VS Zheng Jie (25)
 This match was in first of centrosphere field by arrangement, enough sees so that its hotspot has great, no matter body form still is a rank,two people are not in a heavyweight, but this match is concerned about actually very big. Bilateral fight hand to hand of the altogether before this 5, although American is gotten the better of completely, but have 3 times encountered very big trouble. Small nowadays power summit summit already passed, every match is searching former self-confidence gingerlily. Zheng Jie's condition went tall gradually in light of the expression of two rounds of matches once upon a time, chinese gold flower is absolutely capable to make a Jing extremely big cold.
 The 2nd: Male single the 3rd round of Feileier (7) VS Luo Di is overcome (30)
 As once NO.1, luo Di overcame present world rank to had glided 25, and old Feileier of a year old remains TOP5 past master, in the record of Spaish historical engage in a battle in 2 people with 6 get the better of 4 negative take actor, even if also does not fall in the period of summit of American cannon summit ahull. 2 people are in warm up contest condition extraordinarily brave, each have enter an item in an account of a champion, overwhelming advantage was not shown however in two rounds match afore nevertheless. This is they meet on the meadow <a href="UR"L>Mens Nike Shox R4</a> for the first time, the be concerned about of the match is very big still.
 The 3rd: Male single the 3rd round of Bagdad the base of a fruit this VS Mu Lei (4)
 Undeniable Bagdad the base of a fruit this have actual strength, but he attributes transitory kind basically, if do not read a material,your scarcely dare believe him to have 27 years old only, although the age does not calculate big, but put light to be afraid in vole competition ground once more unlikely. With British talent 3-3 battle is made the same score in the record of Cypriot fight hand to hand in both sides, but in the argue of vole competition ground twice Mu Lei is won very relaxed, a match won't be cold go out to all big seeds bureau, develop according to normal circumstance, advocate the Mu Lei that fight also won't be in this anyhow annulus second flat.
 A field
 The first: Dimension of division of VS of division of the 3rd round of musical instrument that strap general holds female sheet in the palm child (4)
 Give fight in order to protect the identity of crown champion first, the oldest enemy of Keweituowa is not adversary, however oneself. Before two rounds adversary is such her expressional even resembles of no use is to be in sit switchback, that encounters American girl to strap Puqinke's true risk. Czech girl's current condition is far be inferior to last year the corresponding period, in both sides child of the division in two fight hand to hand before this let adversary take 3 bureaus only, but this temporarily those temporarily, triumph of division child even if also is met Jing gives a suit cold sweat.
 The 2nd: Male single the 3rd round bright and beautiful knit an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions (19) VS Deerboteluo (9)
 One elder brother of Asian is in two fight hand to hand before this disastrous defeat gave Argentine, but small bright and beautiful true rise is in nearly two sports season. The Japanese that did not pass any warm up is advanced two rounds do not break a dish, argentine encountered little trouble respectively. Although go up to still have certain difference in the rank, dan Jin knitted an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions to had had the actual strength that challenges hegemony absolutely, japanese little elder brother is not the Li Na that wants to become male edition, that begins from the player that beats these the 2nd echelon formation first. Since Luosuoer can wash out Nadaer, so bright and beautiful if if wash out Deerboteluo,knitting an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions, also do not need open-eyed.
 2 field
 The first: Female sheet the 3rd round of Yimonuoweiji (14) VS Geergesi (22)
 Yimonuoweiji and Geergesi two individual appearances very picture, ball wind also has the place of a lot of likeness. As two small seeds, 2 people had not gotten so far too much attention, yi the position of 10 thousand is very general, geergesi's expression also rises and fall errant. Wei Yaren of Er of a place of strategic importance is in record of fight hand to hand with 3 get the better of 1 negative banner, but this is a 55 match, triumph of 2 people wh whoever is afraid won't go too far.
 The 2nd: A Zalun of VS of child of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of skin of the 3rd round of a place of strategic importance blocks female sheet (2)
 20 years old are controlled is the age that woman player gives result, of vole this annulus second have a few 90 hind very normal, the Saipiluowa of Slovak is among them one of, she what be born 93 years shows itself from qualificatory contest, washed out player of armour of a passerby and water seed respectively next, come to Azalunka before; Still do not have opportunity and 2 seeds fight hand to hand of course with her age and rank, before two rounds of even are hit so hardly, this match has only by sweep anything away an ending. Bless this young general to be developed well here, do not swallow an egg as far as possible.
 The 4th: Female double the 2nd round of Jililianke / Peiteluowa (4) VS Williams Mu this sister
 Rank without the world, sign without the seed, no matter size power will go it is so brave. Is knowing this to hold one's head high do advancement or pathos go out bureau? Jililianke / Peiteluowa is this sports season most one of female double combination of scene, they how unapt also an egg is swallowed to send a someone to the 2nd round like the first-run adversary that resembles size power. Although size power is absent now summit summit, but 2 people station was full of uncertainty together, hope Jililianke and Peiteluowa do not want the peripheral in that way like young woman student body body that sees adversary to fear with respect to fear, the standard that develops oneself adequately goes washing out this pair of black sisters, the dignity of defend big seed.
 17 field
 The 3rd: Mix gold of pair of the first round of ell / Wosikeboyewa Rhys of Sa of VS S- ridge / Zhang Shuai
 The Zhang Shuai that singles is surpassing without the predestined relationship captures all opportunity training, east of her it may be said is not bright the west is bright, mix this double sought a good partner again, si Zaigang of thunder of S- ridge Sa is mixed on the arm of the law of firm end Jian Si collaboration hit polish girl to mix double final. The chance that mixes double project nevertheless is compared male double female double bigger, the partner is very on one hand, those who return so that Zhang Shuai can match with the family is good. Ell gold and Wosikeboyewa also are to be combined temporarily, cannot find the vocabulary with appropriate what to describe. Most person doubles is dozen of soy, that is mixed double be to play more.
 The 4th: Mix double the 2nd round of Mei Luo / Ciwona arranges offer of handkerchief of child VS wave / Zheng Jie (10)
 Ciwona lists child to be in game is quited when lagging behind in the singles match with Kelisiteersi today, but later her however as usual attended doubles, is this very strange? Can you say she is hit do not win to quit game? Zheng Jie and Bopana, know from the point of the name they are stronger, row sports meet of 10 seeds in imprint combination or first-run bye. If of final triumph is Ciwona,row child is combined, so dozen do not win with respect to the queen that quit game this honor suits her too. (Wang Feng)

  1. Posté le 26/05/2013 à 14:47:35  

 CUBA is exposed to the sun to taste card value to exceed 1 billion not to want to make the talent warehouse of CBA
 Compare the flourishing when just establishing 1996, CUBA (league matches of Chinese undergraduate basketball) in appear in last few years some unknown to public. But big recently basket assist (branch of basketball of association of Chinese undergraduate sports) with cardinal principle assist (association of Chinese undergraduate sports) the dispute of attributive to its authority, make its make the central point of public opinion again. Yesterday, CUBA winter makes battalion kicks off in Beijing, have the aid of this opportunity, big basket assist the question of a few dispute that is aimed at attributive authority is right general assist have a response. Stick to one's argument, the contention of CUBA still will continue, why should both sides be like attention to spend finite league matches to be contended for to look be flushed? Special interview of reporter of Chongqing morning paper big basket assist executive chairman Zhang Ning flies, unscramble this CUBA that is contended for to get life-and-death to you, a what kind of league matches be after all?
 Wearing glasses of a pair of fine casing, the Zhang Ning that ever was team leader of team of basketball of Zhejiang university officer flies, stay after the university graduated 1988 school, resigned 1990 go into business, with its elder brother established together limited company of imports and exports of textile of Hangzhou Heng Hua, share of whole and Euramerican market holds when <a href="UR"L>cheap jordan shoes online</a> company business is best 7 into above. As a successful businessman, zhang Ning flies to throw total energy to the development of CUBA nowadays. Nowadays, his since big basket assist executive chairman, also be the main and contributive person that CUBA is able to run.
 1998, CUBA begins formally, there still is not hookup because of CCTV at that time nowadays match of top class sports, this gave CUBA wonderful development chance. "At that time of CCTV " basketball park " besides sowing NBA is CUBA, CUBA took the time of the majority in the program constantly. " occupy piece of Ning Fei to recollect, CUBA entered before two of sports channel viewing rate at that time, to satisfy hookup need, CUBA adjusted leg even, "Most hookup of a year of CCTV many 40, still be gold time. Still be gold time..
 Nowadays, as match of more and top class sports introduce, CUBA is inferior to greatly in the hookup strength of CCTV at the outset, but this did not reduce its attention to spend. Besides mix every year in CCTV beyond hookup of each local TV station, network hookup makes league matches new way. Zhang Ning flies express, every match is in league matches of CNTV watch rate from original thousands of, arrive 100 thousand nowadays, ascendant extent is very delectable, "We have each competition about a hundred hookup, and the conduct propaganda that the network will be our future and one of hookup keys. And the conduct propaganda that the network will be our future and one of hookup keys..
 Although many bosoms put the child that basketball dreams to have the idea that plays CUBA reentry CBA first, although nowadays the Liu Ziqiu of team of the Ceng Lingxu of team of the Han Dejun of Liaoning team, Fosan, Shanghai all is the pure undergraduate that comes from CUBA, dan Zhangning flies express, the main goal of CUBA, not be the talent warehouse that makes CBA.
 Strict requirement takes part in the match team member must be to pass what literacy exam enters a college " blame sports is unripe " , of strict requirement judgment blow punish cannot have subjective slant the idea that chirp flies to according to Zhang Ning, CUBA provides a pure platform that amuse oneself to the undergraduate namely. Its express, before first sports season begins altogether rolls out two CUBA league matches, one is the game of CUBA pilot school that the school that has professional athlete can play, one is the CUBA league matches that pure student attends, "But when team signs up, almost everybody wants to attend CUBA league matches. Almost everybody wants to attend CUBA league matches..
 Zhang Ning flies express, although CUBA is walked out of professional player not be in the majority, but the young judgment that walks out of from CUBA and coach, become nowadays the backbone force of Chinese basketball career. "What CUBA builds is a vast basketball population and talent system, giving star athlete is not the objective that we pursue. " Zhang Ning flies express, one CUBA is successful day that, be as famous spend and beautiful praise those who spend rise, its also can make the sports industry brand that having maturity to commercialize mode in that way like NCAA.
 2010, release in research center of value of brand of association of Chinese economy business affairs, China " value of commerce of Chinese sports brand 100 strong " in list, CUBA row the 87th, it is the brand of college sports match of the only inside 100 strong a list of names posted up, brand value achieves 1 billion RMB.
 Although CUBA is very hot in the beginning of hold water, but the each weak commitment that can receive, be in basically only 50 thousand to 100 thousand between. After this, as the development of league matches, a sports season can be on advertisement assistance accrual about a hundred 10 thousand, and arrived recently 3 years, annual advertisement income reached ten million level. Look be like income quite much, enter however actually not apply goes out. Zhang Ning flies express, the hookup of the TV station pays the staff member of every salary of cost, personnel, match board and lodging, of 16 strong competition take part in the match group liaison man is not small investment. And all cost are added, annual and least cost is 20 million the left and right sides, .
 Cause the cause of this situation, because hold to,be CUBA do not sell coronal name counterpoises, do not introduce nicotian advertising tenet. League matches open at the beginning of, zhang Ning flew to reject to come from nicotian company to be as high as the assistance of 1 million dollars, and the contract that many domestic sports brands are obtaining ten million level wants coronal name league matches, also by its decline. Zhang Ning flies express, pulling advertisement to sponsor is the one fraction that sports match obtains fund only, the development of television relay and mark product just is the largest segment of league matches hematopoiesis. But nowadays, these two link stemmed however. Hookup respect, CUBA is in the hookup showing number of CCTV is very few, and the field is developed in mark product, although Zhang Ning flies to ever was in 1998 register CUBA brand to succeed, but to July 13, 2008 this brand has expired, "If these are opened entirely, my individual thinks the value of CUBA is far more than 1 billion. My individual thinks the value of CUBA is far more than 1 billion..
 On January 5, general assist chair in Xi'an hold big basket assist trade a reelecting plenary session, but big basket assist do not approbate, express to become 43 big basket assist the great majority in standing committee vice-chairman did not receive announcement ginseng to meet, general assist behavior is exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs.
 To this, general assist state its are early inform big basket assist arrived to change a time, but big basket assist however postpone again and again, but under can general assist can hold big basket on January 5 only assist trade a plenary session. In the meantime, general assist one of two full-time vice-chairmans Wang Gang expresses, general assist allotted join meeting announcement, "Most vice-chairman unit informed, just not be the vice-chairman comes certainly, the vice-chairman is school leadership mostly, the job is very busy, the staff member below their assign, for instance sports department head serves as a delegate, not OK? not OK??
 General assist held water 1975, put under taught to the country 1990 appoint, set classify of branch of track and field, basketball branch, football a few branch. Big basket assist predecessor is " union of Chinese undergraduate basketball " , held water in Feburary 1985. 1994 more the name is " branch of basketball of association of Chinese undergraduate sports " . Big basket assist think, general assist although be its,run an unit, but its independent character is established by usage, general assist not should specific to its work has interference. Zhang Ning flies express, come for years general assist think will big basket all the time assist complete " close take " , in order to achieve " unify all corners of the country " purpose.
 Big yesterday basket assist express, open hit CUBA on March formerly, in cardinal principle assist in the leg list that make, was gone to by move September. And contend for stand erect bilaterally to move toward He Fang finally, big basket assist express oneself also place of have no way knows, because they said not to calculate now, worst result is CUBA come to a standstill.

  1. Posté le 04/06/2013 à 22:23:34  

 ital that wet place brings are swift and violent and outspread door inn. Need the highest summit with orgiastic collective of domestic movement brand, people discovery, the situation that with other country commonly only 3 hold the market to brand of 4 main and famous motion is different, brand of Chinese famous motion already was as high as 20 many.
 To 2011 end, storefront of company of motion of domestic mass brand achieves 5000 above more, still the part is close to 10 thousand, for instance be equal to gram sports achieves many 8800. 2004 to between 2008, door inn of Li Ning increases 5935 from 2272, income grows 6.69 billion yuan from 1.878 billion yuan.
 The turnip does not wash mashed vegetable or fruit quickly. The dilate with clothing fast company, did not bring the promotion of brand acknowledge, coessential turn an issue serious, consumer can expect the gender is very low when choosing kinds or types of goods. Imitate each other between the enterprise particularly fierce, a consumer takes the clothes of the dress that how steps and Li Ning, may divide not clear which be after all, unless see trade mark.
 Demand is encountered cold show the fact
 Show according to data of national statistic bureau, the consumptive total volume of retail sales of cap of shoe of dress of 1 10 month and needle textile grew 24%; compared to the same period 2011 and 1 10 month is congener 2012 the growth rate of the product is 17.9% see the coming year, with be equal to the gram is exemple, 2013 be equal to overcome the 2nd quarter to order goods meeting order total (calculate by trade price case) with was the same as season photograph 2012 than dropping extent is 20% 30% .
 Among them shoe kind the extent in order amount drops, dress kind order amount tall extent drops, and average and wholesale price all is the product 0 growth. According to domestic sprotswear brand 2 quarters ordered goods 2013 can show, include how to step, special each order with other conditions all appeared compared to the same period different level glides. Among them, special pace order glides 15% to 20% , how to step to glide compared to the same period 15% to 25% .
 Order goods meeting data often the barometer of an estate market, more or less can see the awkward situation that domestic movement brand encounters nowadays.
 From outside need to look, influence of Euramerican economy crisis is shown, demand not flourishing, in the meantime, order of foreign capital part changes lower cost state.
 Cost rises do not avoid
 In recent years, the hire that the shoe takes enterprise door shop, decorate, storefront is safeguarded reach labor cost to rise ceaselessly, great extruding the profit space; of the enterprise on the other hand, costume market suffers macroscopical economy effect, lie continuously low confuse condition, tall look forward to of goods in stock, sale <a href="UR"L>cheap jordans</a> outstanding achievement glides considerably. Hire, decorate, the cost that storefront maintained the cost that reachs a

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