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Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition Wi-Fi


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Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition Wi-Fi

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  1. Posté le 17/11/2011 à 17:15:47  

[:Telecharger:1]   <p>D\'ici No&euml;l, Motorola vendra sa nouvelle tablette de 8,2 pouces. A partir de 399 euros en version 16 Go Wi-Fi. Fonctionnant avec Android 3.2, elle est animée par un processeur double c&oelig;ur à 1,2 GHz.

  1. Posté le 08/12/2012 à 03:41:17  

 Gaza: Clinton works for truce 'in the days ahead'
 Israeli air strikes shook the Gaza Strip and Palestinian rockets struck across the border as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held talks in Jerusalem in the early hours of Wednesday, seeking a truce that can hold back Israel's ground troops.
 Hamas, the Islamist movement controlling Gaza, and Egypt, whose new, Islamist government is trying to broker a truce, had floated hopes for a ceasefire by late Tuesday; but by the time Clinton met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu it was clear there would be more argument, and more violence, first.

 Hamas leaders in Cairo accused the Jewish state of failing to respond to proposals and said an announcement on holding fire would not come before daylight on Wednesday. Israel Radio quoted an Israeli official saying a truce was held up due to "a last-minute delay in the understandings between Hamas and Israel".

 Who is Hamas? 5 questions about the Palestinian militant group.

 An initial halt to attacks may, however, not see the sides stand their forces down from battle stations immediately; Clinton, who flies to Cairo to see Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi later on Wednesday, spoke of a deal "in the days ahead".

 As she arrived in Israel after nightfall, Israel was stepping up its bombardment. Artillery shells and missiles fired from naval gunboats offshore slammed into the territory and air strikes came at a frequency of about one every 10 minutes.

  1. Posté le 08/12/2012 à 03:41:28  

 Gaza: Clinton works for truce 'in the days ahead'
 Israeli air strikes shook the Gaza Strip and Palestinian rockets struck across the border as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held talks in Jerusalem in the early hours of Wednesday, seeking a truce that can hold back Israel's ground troops.
 Hamas, the Islamist movement controlling Gaza, and Egypt, whose new, Islamist government is trying to broker a truce, had floated hopes for a ceasefire by late Tuesday; but by the time Clinton met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu it was clear there would be more argument, and more violence, first.

 Hamas leaders in Cairo accused the Jewish state of failing to respond to proposals and said an announcement on holding fire would not come before daylight on Wednesday. Israel Radio quoted an Israeli official saying a truce was held up due to "a last-minute delay in the understandings between Hamas and Israel".

 Who is Hamas? 5 questions about the Palestinian militant group.

 An initial halt to attacks may, however, not see the sides stand their forces down from battle stations immediately; Clinton, who flies to Cairo to see Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi later on Wednesday, spoke of a deal "in the days ahead".

 As she arrived in Israel after nightfall, Israel was stepping up its bombardment. Artillery shells and missiles fired from naval gunboats offshore slammed into the territory and air strikes came at a frequency of about one every 10 minutes.

  1. Posté le 31/12/2012 à 03:07:27  

 Predicting the most unlikely tech events that will happen in 2013
 The other day I was lying on the beach when an older, bronzed man came and lay down next to me.He made some groaning noises and chatted on his flip phone. He was Iggy Pop. This, in itself was unusual. However, at the very moment he was there I was reading a book called "," by Rosencrans Baldwin. It's the story of an American writer who moves to Par <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> is with his wife to write silly ads for Louis Vuitton. I happened to be on page 167, where Baldwin describes Karl Lagerfeld: "He resembled a short, dead Iggy Pop."Please, you who count how many Corn Flakes are in your bowl. How likely was that? I almost wanted to tell Mr. Pop that when he dies he will look like Karl Lagerfeld.So while the majority might want to believe that 2013 will be all about mobile, mobile and , I'd like to offer some far less likely things that will actually, actually happen. Well, they conceivably might.1. There will be no more free news and social media sites Chuckle though you might, aren't you a little tired of all this free, free, free? Aren't you finding that free is coming with strings that are longer than a list of Silvio Berlusconi's lovers? Whether it's privacy policies or data selling, it's all getting ugly.Facebook is little different from . It's now trying to find every possible method of putting its bulbous hand in your pockets and grabbing your nickels and dimes. It will soon be no more free than your every business lunch. The . Soon, all news Web sites will follow. 2013 will see a long-lost embrace of the quaint concept of "you get what you pay for." And people will suddenly respect what it is they're getting by paying for it.2. Apple and Samsung will mergeYes, yes. There's as much chance of this as there is of Kristen Stewart getting back together with that nice vampire who rarely shaves. Wait. If there's one thing I know about people -- just one -- it's that the more passion they put into their bickering, the more they're really expressing their love. It's easy to believe that Apple and Samsung are deadly rivals. But what if they suddenly got together, like two royal families of ancient times, to secure not merely the future of fine, arousing technology, but vast political influence not imagined even by that great political force of our time, Google? I'm a dreamer, me.3. Sharing on social media sites will go down 30 percentThere was surely nothing more poetic than Randi Zuckerberg , after one of her very personal photographs was seen by the great unwashed. Some might have thought this merely proved that anyone could become a director of social media company. The deeper, though, realized that it was a significant moment when everyone realized that their postings truly were never safe from prying eyes. This will lead to a sudden restraint that will signify a monstrous trend toward meeting groups of friends at secluded cafe tables. The name of the cafe will only be released at the very last minute, as with a virulent rave. Once the group is seated, everyone will whip out their iPhones and quietly display their photographs of their latest beet salad, beat poetry reading or beatdown of their brother at  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> squash, in the sure knowledge that no one else will see them. Except for some quasi-Stasi operative at Apple, perhaps. (Oh, they must have a way of seeing your photos, mustn't they?) 4. Justin Timberlake will succeed Steve BallmerSnigger away. But while you are, ask yourself this: who, other than the Timberman himself, will be able to whip a vast room full of Redmondians or developers into a hip-waggling frenzy, the way Ballmer always does? Who else could possibly embody Microsoft's new era better than a man who can seduce every single member of the human race with either his pelvic gyrations or h <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> is golf swing? Timberlake isn't merely some sort of pop star figurehead.This is a man who is rapidly turning around MySpace. This is a man who's already been Sean Parker. Compared to that, bringing the sexy back to Microsoft will be little more than whipping off a small piece of Janet Jackson's wardrobe. More Technically Incorrect

  1. Posté le 31/12/2012 à 03:54:07  

 Harry Carey Jr., Western character actor known for &lsquo;3 Godfathers,&rsquo; &lsquo;Wagon Master,&rsquo; dies at 91
 ( Associated Pre <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ss ) - This 1940s publicity photo released by (Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society) shows actor, Harry Carey, Jr., in character from the fi <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> lm, “She Wore A Yellow Ribbon.” Carey Jr. starred in such Westerns as “3 Godfathers” and “Wagon Master.” His daughter, Melinda Carey, said he died Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012, of natural causes surrounded <a href={url}>{keyword}</a>  by friends and family at a hospice facility in Santa Barbara, Calif.

  1. Posté le 31/12/2012 à 04:09:03  

 This former  has found her Prince Charming!Three days after  ,  and Ryan Press proudly showed off the actress' giant engagement rin  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> g in matching  photos. The "Wi  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ldest Dreams" singer, 33, and the music executive, 32, are currently vacationing in Hawaii.Six months before Press popped the question, the Moesha star admitted she was ready to settle down. "I wish we were engaged," Brandy told Ebony. "He's taking a little long on the ring side of things, but I'm patient."Brandy spoke to  in August about how Press had restored her faith in men. "I had given up on love a long time ago. It just didn't seem to work for me, so I was single for a very long time," the R B diva said. "I stopped looking for love and then I ran into my boyfriend."This will be the first marriage for the "Put It Down" singer, who has a 10-year-old daughter, Sy'rai, with ex Ro  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> bert Smith. Brandy next appears in the Tyler Perry film Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, which hits theaters March 29, 2013.

  1. Posté le 31/12/2012 à 04:25:08  

 ; Emeritus Professor, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of PennsylvaniaAs part of the Year in Review series, MedPage Today reporters are revisiting major news stories and following up with an analysis of the impact of the original report, as well as subsequent news on the topic. In a companion article, what's happened in Maryland regarding overstenting since the state began its attempt to mandate catheterization lab oversight since we originally .For a number of years, U.S. hospitals have been dealing with allegations that interventional cardiologists routinely implant stents in patients who don't need them.It may not be too surprising that these charges surface in a $12 billion-a-year business that entails more than 600,000 percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) and more than 1 million diagnostic cardiac catheterizations annually.In October, the FBI seized files and documents from the office of Harry Persaud, MD, a cardiologist associated with three hospitals in Northeast Ohio, one of them belonging to the Cleveland Clinic. The bureau is reviewing his work to determine if he stented patients unnecessarily, according to an account in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper.Also in December, Mehmood M. Patel, MD, lost an appeal on a 2009 conviction related to overstenting and agreed to begin his 10-year prison sentence. He had practiced in Louisiana at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and Lafayette General Hospital, according to the Baton Rouge Advocate newspaper.Given the scope of interventional practice, the relatively few "bad actors" generate the bulk of media headlines, commented C. Michael Gibson, MD, from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.In an examination of 2,000 cases in the American College of <a href={url}>{keyword}</a>  Cardiology (ACR) National Cardiovascular Data Registry, Gibson and colleagues found no evidence of systematic bias on the part of cardiologists to overcall blockages."The agreement between the registry and our reviewers was modest, but the key aspect was, despite the inherent noise, there was no overcalling of the blockages," Gibson told MedPage Today.But as Gibson and others pointed out, cases of overstenting receive a lot of attention and it was no different for Maryland when two physicians were singled out for unnecessary stenting.One case involved John McLean, MD, who practiced at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury and was subsequently convicted for Medicare fraud, sentenced to 8 years in prison, and ordered to pay fines totalling over $1 million.The other case involved Mark Midei, MD, who practiced at St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson and subsequently lost his <a href={url}>{keyword}</a>  license. Midei sued the hospital for defamation, but the suit was dismissed this year.The peer review process at St. Joseph Medical Center at the time Midei was cardiology chair was so lax that he was able to review his own cases and cherry pick the other cases for review."Random case review is important, especially to find outliers -- those who might be practicing outside the realm of normalcy -- before the number of questionable cases becomes formidable," said Ajay Kirtane, MD, of Columbia University Medical Center in New York City."With consistent, transparent peer review, cath labs can identify those interventionalists who haven't necessarily breached ethical boundaries, but who could benefit from education about new techniques or practice style changes," he told MedPage Today.Legislative ActionMaryland has since taken steps to ensure its doctors operate above board.In 2011, Dan Morhaim, MD, deputy majority leader in the Maryland House of Delegates, sponsored, and saw the successful passage of , a law that creates strict and transparent guidelines for hospital oversight programs. Morhaim is an internist and emergency medicine physician, as well as the only physician in the 188-member Maryland General Assembly."If you're going to do peer review, you have to have standards and integrity in the process," Morhaim told MedPage Today. "You have to review random cases as well as problem cases. And no one should peer review their own cases or those of colleagues with whom they might have a vested financial interest."The legislation, titled "Hospitals and Freestanding Ambulatory Care Facilities -- Practitioner Performance Evaluating," contains provisions for all the above standards, he said.Also, as a condition of licensure, the law mandates that hospitals establish practitioner performance evaluations that include reviewing the appropriateness of the procedure. Hospitals in violation of any of these requirements can be fined $500 per day for each violation."This bill was a big step forward because it cuts across  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> all specialties, not just cardiology," Morhaim said.Morheim also was the lead sponsor of HB 690, a bill that didn't pass the House of Delegates primarily because it was focused on cardiology. Titled "Maryland Cardiovascular Patient Safety Act," the bill had many of the same requirements as HB 286, but it also called for external peer review.However, in July 2012, the House of Delegates passed HB 1141, a 12-page bill that permitted elective coronary stenting without onsite surgical backup.But tucked away on page eight was a single sentence that addressed overstenting. The bill called for "peer or independent review, consistent with <cardiology>society] guidelines for percutaneous coronary intervention ... of difficult or complicated cases and for randomly selected cases..."The Maryland chapter of the ACR was instrumental in developing that proposal and having it adopted as an amendment to the bill. But there were some interventional cardiologists who complained that the bill's peer review process was watered down, even as they admitted it was a small step in the right direction.Another bill cosponsored by Morhaim that passed was HB 600, legislation that is geared toward optimal sharing of information among state agencies.Titled "Health Care Providers Investigations Information Sharing Among State Agencies," the law expands the list of agencies with which the Health Services Cost Review Commission, for example, may disclose physician information. It also requires the Board of Physicians to disclose information contained in a medical record to specified agencies "for a specified purpose."External ReviewWhile legislatures might grapple with the nuts and bolts of an external peer review program, an old business model of outsourcing the review process has received renewed attention.David Jadwin, DO, a pathologist and president of Columbia Healthcare Analytics, hopes to bring the concept of external review to the national healthcare platform. He has met with officials from both the White House and Department of Health and Human Services regarding outsourced medical peer review, Jadwin told MedPage Today."Hospitals have been required to do internal review for decades, but care is not getting better; in fact, it's getting worse," he said.When Jadwin was chair of pathology and on the blood transfusion committee at Marin General Hospital in San Rafael, Calif., he would often send letters to physicians questioning the amount of blood units. They would inevitably write back and justify their decision."Many internal reviews would accept these answers, but I thoroughly reviewed the charts and knew whether something was necessary or not," Jadwin said."I would use physicians' own case notes to show them that they didn't need that many units of blood. Without doing anything else, blood use for transfusions dropped between 30% and 40%, which is an unheard of level of improvement," he said.Regarding cath lab external review, his idea is to send an outside reviewer the angiograms that the original interventionalist used to make his or her decision, but exclude the outcome.Reviewers would be asked whether the patient needed therapy, and if so, did the patient need a stent or bypass? The reviewer's opinion would be compared with the interventionalist's decision.If there is a difference of opinion -- after all, eyeballing an angiogram is very subjective -- Jadwin's model is to send the case out to multiple cardiologists "to get a very powerful consensus."Patient PreferenceMany will argue that patients prefer stenting rather than living with stable angina that is related to chest pain."If we didn't do PCI for stable angina, we'd save millions of dollars," said Ken Rosenfield, MD, of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. However, he noted that many stenting cases for patients with stable angina can be justified."Defining appropriate use criteria can be tricky, because there is always a range of opinion," he said.Rosenfield noted that the same debate is taking place within the realm of transcatheter aortic valve implantation, in terms of whether it's appropriate to perform the procedure in those more than 80-years-old with significant comorbid conditions."We will always have areas in medicine that call for physician judgment based on the individual facts of the case," he said. "That is why it is necessary to have effective peer review -- internal and external -- that can identify potential problems before they reach proportions that require outside agencies to intervene."   Register TodayEarn Free CME Credits by reading the latest medical news in your specialty.Sign Up Chris KaiserCardiology EditorChris has written and edited for medical publications for more than 15 years. As the news editor for a United Business Media journal, he was awarded Best News Section. He has a B.A. from La Salle University and an M.A. from Villanova University. Chris is based outside of Philadelphia and is also involved with the theater as a writer, director, and occasional actor.

  1. Posté le 31/12/2012 à 07:59:26  

 Corinthians debutará ante San José de Bolivia en la próxima Libertadores
 ASUNCION, Paraguay Corinthians, último campeón de la Copa Libertadores, arrancará su participación en el Grupo 5 de la edición de 2013 enfrentando de visitante al boliviano San José Oruro, de acuerdo con el sorteo realizado el viernes por la Conmebol.
 Los otros integrantes de la llave son Millonarios de <a href={url}>{keyword}</a>  Colombia y Tijuana de México.
 La etapa de grupos comenzará el 6 de febrero, y los octavos de final se cumplirán entre el 24 de abril y el 8 de mayo. La final será el 17 y 24 de julio.
 En el Grupo 1 fueron incluidos Barcelona (Ecuador), Nacional (Uruguay), Boca Juniors (Argentina) y Toluca (México).
 Grupo 2: con Sporting Cristal (Perú), Libertad (Paraguay), Palmeiras (Brasil) y el ganador de Tigre-Anzoátegui de la ronda preliminar.
 Grupo 3: Arsenal (Argentina), The Strongest (Brasil), Atlético Mineiro (Brasil) y el ganador de Sao Paulo-Bolívar de la fase de clasificación.
 Grupo 4: Vélez Sarsfield (Argentina), Peñarol (Uruguay), Emelec (Ecuador) y ganador León-Deportes Iquique de la ronda preliminar.
 Grupo 6: Independiente Santa Fe (Colombia), Cerro Porteño (Paraguay), Real Garcilazo (Perú) y ganador de Deportes Tolima-Univers <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> idad César Vallejo de la fase preliminar.
 Grupo 7: Deportivo Lara (Venezuela), Universidad de Chile, Newell*s Old Boys (Argentina) y ganador Defensor Sporting-Olimpia de la ronda preliminar.
 Grupo 8: Fluminense (Brasil), Huachipato (Chile), Deportivo Caracas (Venezuela) y ganador de Liga de Quito-Gremio de la fase de clasificación.
 <a href={url}>{keyword}</a>  La fase de clasificación se disputará entre el 23 y 30 de enero con los siguientes cotejos de ida y vuelta: Tigre (Argentina)-Anzoátegui (Venezuela); Liga de Quito (Ecuador)-Gremio (Brasil); Deportes Tolima (Colombia)-César Vallejo (Perú), Defensor Sporting (Uruguay)-Olimpia (Paraguay), Sao Paulo (Brasil)-Bolívar (Bolivia) y León (México)-Deportes Iquique (Chile).

  1. Posté le 31/12/2012 à 08:19:24  

 recently that expressed his particular views on the matter. The column itself has nearly 80 comments posted --&nbsp; some in agreement, and some opposed to his ideas. The responses fueled my own curiosity, and made me wonder especially about the pro-gun Americans. I decided to do some research by entertaining the thought of banning guns over Facebook. I received more than 100 responses myself.Before I discuss this any further, though, I want to let you know that Facebook is my favorite social media outlet to bring up issues like these. I have collected many friends over the years. The reason for the quotation marks and term collected is because I do not necessarily consider these my real friends, but I like to pose questions and opinions simply because I find our diverse cultural backgrounds and upbringing interesting, being that most of us are of similar age and lifestyle. But there can be surprisingly different views on gun control even among those who live in states that are close together -- Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey for example. In my experiment, the views of those who are pro-gun seemed to have a general opinion that firearms are not only needed for hunting or self defense, but because it is their second amendment right as Americans. They fear that without the option to possess guns, the ability for individual and general protection will be weakened, causing an imbalance between the power of the government and its unarmed citizens. I admit that I do not know a lot about different types of guns. I do, however, know that there's a vast difference between today's automatic and semi-automatic weapons and the guns of the late 18th century, when the Constitution was written. It seems that the guns that were created in the 1780's were single-shot weapons using powder instead of bullets.In this regard, I can see why we might feel that a single-shot weapon could be of some importance, but I have trouble believing that nearly anyone is sane enough to use the kind of firearms that are available now. I can't be the only who imagines more guns in the hands of our citizens instead of less would cause anything short of mayhem when something terrible finally happens. I realize that many of the guns that people have in their possession are not legally registered to them, but I also know that people become angry and selfish on a whim, and even a mentally stable person with a registered gun can lose control of their emotions. The notion that we should be allowed use any of these machines just seems too simple, too impersonal, and  to be the best answer. Still, even with the loss of so many innocent people, many are afraid to lose their firearms.  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> According to , there was quite a spike in gun sales over this past holiday season -- a result of fear of laws that may come following the Sandy Hook tragedy.And as you may know, the  to this mess is to put more armed police officers in schools.Discussing these issues over social media or in a blog may not be the most peaceful way of doing so. A conversation like this will mo <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> st definit <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ely brew some kind of argument. However, before you disagree, I would like to express a final thought -- I wonder if our humanity can evolve as quickly as our technology does. Consider this: as  said to James Madison, Every constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of nineteen years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right.    Register TodayEarn Free CME Credits by reading the latest medical news in your specialty.Sign Up

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 Although her team lost several swimmers to graduation and others who are not competing this season, Marysville High School swimming and diving coach Ann Rausch has been pleased with her squad s commitment and enthusiasm. We have a smaller team, but they re just a great group of kids, said Rausch, who is in her 11th season.  It s going to be a tough season. It s a great group of kids that work really hard. They give 100 percent all the time. The boys and girls teams did not have a state qualifier last season. The lone returnee who competed at district is sophomore Andrea Daily, who was part of the 400-yard freestyle relay that finished 26th in 4 minutes, 16.23 seconds.Other returning swimmers for the girls are senior Allison Rubadue, juniors Aubry Beany and Jordan Hall and sophomore Sydney Joseph. Other swimmers are junior Jessica Cowgill, sophomores Morgan DeWitt and Cassidy Rausch and freshmen Katie Hiser, Megan Merrick, Lauren Meyer, Nikita Sathiaprakash and Sydney Slee.Returning swimmers for the boys are seniors Ashton Broadhead, Trevor Murray and Nathan Wasik and sophomore Colin Biddinger. Other swimmers are juniors Zack Barton, Braxton Cruea and Alex Van Dyke, sophomore Jack Schneider and freshmen Ryan Cook, JoeyDaugherty, Ryan Groehl, Alex Harris, Dane Marlatt, Ben Roshon and Brady Van Dyke.Joseph, Murray, Rubadue and Wasik are captains.Rausch said her team received valuable experience competing in the Ned Reeb Invitational on Dec. 8 at Ohio State. Neither team scored as Upper Arlington won the girls (439 points) and boys (370) meets. There were over 900 swimmers there, so for a lot of these kids that s something they ve never experienced before, Rausch said.Each team finished second in the six-team Whetstone Invitational on Dec. 10 at the Columbus Aquatic Center. The boys tied Northland (90) behind champion Grove City (130) and the girls (130) finished behind Centennial (160).The Monarchs next meet is Jan. 5 against Olentangy and Olentangy Orange at the Powell YMCA.Last season, the boys finished eighth (96) in the OCC-Cardinal Division meet behind Dublin Jerome (253), Westerville <a href={url}>{keyword}</a>  Central (215), Olentangy (190), Dublin Scioto (163), Westerville North (141), Olentangy Liberty (135) and Westerville South (132). The girls were sixth (114) behind Liberty (261), Central (245), Jerome (226), Olentangy (155) and South (147) and ahead of North (94) and Scioto (92). Marysville and Liberty now compete in the OCC-Central. The league includes UA, whose girls team has won eight consecutive state titles and whose boys team finished  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> second (198) at state last season behind champion Cincinnati St. Xavier (297). We try not to look at the other teams, Rubadue said. The big thing on our team this year is just looking at ourselves. We re not scared. The boys finished seventh (209) in last year s nine-team sectional at the Union County YMCA behind champion Jerome (343), and the girls were seventh (164) at sectional behind champion Dublin Coffman (333), another OCC-Central competitor.The boys were 19th (23) at district at Ohio State behind champion UA (435) as 26 teams scored, and the girls were 19th (15) at district behind champion UA (522) as 27 teams scored.The Monarchs are looking for improvement at district Feb. 16 at Ohio State. Those winter practices are key, Wasik said. We have to work those winter practices hard, but I think we can do it.  I m happy with what I m seeing now, Rausch said. The returning swimmers are faster now than what they were at the end of last season, so they ve already had (personal records), and their work ethic, I couldn t ask for any more from them than what they re doing. Girls basketball team opens with five lossesThe girls basketball team entered its game against Thomas Worthington on Dec. 21 looking for its first win.Marysville lost to visiting Liberty 63-46 on Dec. 18. Katy Turner scored 19 points, but the Monarchs fell to 0-5 overall and 0-4 in the OCC-Central. For the most part, we are playing hard, coach Aric Tucker said before the Thomas game. We feel that we are better than we were last year eve <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> n though it hasn t shown up as a W. We had an opposing coach comment on how much improvement we have made. We are trying to be at a more consistent high level. Once we get that accomplished, we will see Ws. Ritchie takes over boys track programJ.B. Ritchie has been named coach of the boys track and field team replacing Jim Gannon, who retired from teaching and coaching at Marysville after last school year.Ritchie began his coaching career at Marysville in 2010 as an assistant for the girls track team. In 2011, Ritchie was the interim girls coach while Lori Robinson was on maternity leave.Last season, he returned to his assistant s role working with the girls team s sprinters and long jumpers

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 Andrew Luck was three games into his NFL career when he faced the Packers, stared down an 18-point deficit and led Indianapolis to a 30-27 win with an 80-yard drive in the closing minutes.When it was over, Colts interim head coach Bruce Arians called Luck "one tough hombre" and declared, "You give me any quarterback in the league right now, I don't care who, and I wouldn't trade this kid for any of 'em."As we speak, Manning might be on his way to the league's MVP award, absolutely torching people as the Broncos' season progresses.With a massive NFL paycheck looming, most likely as the overall No. 1 pick, Luck decided to spend the 2011 season at Stanford, where he fully embraced the collegiate life and was running one of the most sophisticated offenses in the country.To watch the Colts now, so cohesive and inspired as sidelined head coach Chuck Pagano undergoes treatment for leukemia, their 10-5 record doesn't seem terribly surprising.Luck has engineered seven comeback wins in the fourth quarter or overtime, the most by a rookie since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970, and fans have come to expect such heroics.Don Meredith, a man with a good arm who knew how to have a good time; Roger Staubach, Navy-trained and arrow-straight; Kenny Stabler, throwing precision darts right through that hangover; Joe Kapp, doing it all on toughness and desire.Griffin was so impressive during the Redskins' training camp - as much in demeanor as in talent - the most hardened teammates knew they'd found their captain.With Griffin, Wilson and others doing so well, we'll hear more talk about such immediate impact becoming a trend, as if heading straight into an NFL starting job is some sort of cakewalk.Scan any list of first-round draft picks, and there will be a David Klingler, Matt Leinart, Colt McCoy, Tim Couch or David Carr - a strapping lad who somehow doesn't quite have it.Luck sets the season mark for passing yards by a rookie in the Colts' 20-13 win over the Chiefs.The series The Bay Area enjoyed an amazing run of sports news in 2012, starting with the 49ers' run to the NFC Championship Game in January and climaxing with the Giants' World Series title in October.]]> Mon, 24 Dec 2012 04:32:44 UT

  1. Posté le 03/01/2013 à 01:32:22  

 How a local attorney became an advocate for the national &lsquo;benefit corporation&rsquo; movement
 that brin <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> e]Doudoune Moncler Femme Fox Collar gs District-based companies one step closer to being able to become benefit corporations, a corporate form that combines the profit-seeking motive of traditional companies with the do-good mission of nonprofits. Companies that adopt the form typically amend their corporate charter to take on legal responsibility for doing social good, including making decisions that are best for their employees, supply chain and local community, and putting together an annual report outlining steps they ve tak <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> en to make a positive social or environmental impact. The philosophy is gaining traction around the country: D.C. follows 12 states that have passed such legislation, though Congress still has to approve the measure.

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 House  threw efforts to avoid the year-end “fiscal cliff” into chaos late Thursday, as he abruptly shuttered the House for the holidays after failing to win support from his fellow  for a plan to let tax rates rise for millionaires.The proposal — Boehner’s alternative to negotiating a broader package with  â€” would have protected the vast majority of Americans from significant tax increases set  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a>  to take effect next year. But because it also would have permitted tax rates to rise for about 400,000 extremely wealthy families, conservatives  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a>  balked, leaving Boehner () humiliated and his negotiating power immeasurably weakened.The Post article goes on to quote from Boehner’s issued statement:“The House did not take up the tax measure today because it did not have sufficient support from our members to pass. Now it is up to the president to work with Reid on legislation to avert the fiscal cliff,” the statement said, referring to .But how will it help to leave the Senate&nbsp;Democrats&nbsp;to work with the President on a plan?&nbsp; The whole problem has been the lack of bipartisanship and the willful disregard for “common ground” policies that both sides could not exactly “love” but at least come to tolerate.Maybe over the Christmas break the politicians can sit back and ponder what their own personal roles in this impasse have been and the choices they’ve made about the battles they’ve fought. There’s been much ado about the tax rates on the rich – should the top two brackets (affecting only those with incomes over about $250,000) be allowed to go back to pre-2001 levels, or only the top bracket (affecting those over about $400,000), or only the top rate for millionaires?&nbsp;All those options would produce only a fraction of the deficit reduction required to get us back on an economically sustainable path – at best, a “downpayment” on what will have to be a grander bargain eventually (but soon).&nbsp; The real money and the real (more) common ground lies in looking at the ways in which the federal government spends money (and “subsidizes” certain privileged activities) through the tax code.&nbsp;In this week’s installment of his always excellent  column,&nbsp;&nbsp;that tax expenditures&nbsp;grow&nbsp;go​vernment (so that Republicans should be in favor of cutting tax expenditures just like they favor cutting direct spending), while he also reminds readers that extending tax  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a>  cuts and deficit financing them is not cutting taxes at all – it’s raising future taxes.As if as a society we have not been neglecting our kids’ well being enough already. All over what seems a silly, way overblown debate over the top income tax rates going from 30-some to 30-some percent.

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 (CNN) -- Americans who celebrate on New Year's Eve with a bottle of champagne, party hats and a kiss at midnight have an important lesson to learn from the rest of the world (and certain regions of this country): The arrival of the new year is meant for feasting.As the new year arrives around the globe, special cakes and breads abound, as do long noodles (representing long life), field peas (representing coins), herring (representing abundance) and pigs (representing good luck). The particulars vary, but the general theme is the same: to sit down and share a meal with family and friends to usher in a year of prosperity.Here are some of the common traditions around the world and a few hints about where to partake in them:Hoppin' John, American SouthA major New Year's food tradition in the American South, Hoppin' John is a dish of pork-flavored field peas or black-eyed peas (symbolizing coins) and rice, frequently served with collards or other cooked greens (as they're the color of money) and cornbread (the color of gold). The dish is said to bring good luck in the new year.Different folklore traces the history and the name of this meal, but the curre <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> nt dish has its roots in African and West Indian traditions and was most likely brought over by slaves to North America. A recipe for Hoppin' John appears as early as 1847 in Sarah Rutledge's "The Carolina Housewife" and has been reinterpreted over the centuries by home and professional chefs.The dish reportedly got its name in Charleston, South Carolina, and it is a veritable staple of Lowcountry cooking. So this is as good a place as any to eat it. , the acclaimed restaurant of chef Sean Brock, often serves Hoppin' John, as does Charleston institution . Not heading south for the holidays?  in Brooklyn, New York, is serving Hoppin' John from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on New Year's Day.Twelve grapes, SpainWhile Americans watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Year's Eve, Spaniards watch the broadcast from Puerta del Sol in Madrid, where revelers gather in front of the square's clock tower to ring in the New Year. Those out in the square and those watching at home partake in an  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> unusual annual tradition: at the stroke of midnight they eat one grape for every toll of the clock bell. Some even prep their grapes -- peeling and seeding them -- to make sure they will be as efficient as possible when midnight comes.The custom began at the turn of the 20th century and was purportedly thought up by grape producers in the south with a bumper crop. Since then the tradition has spread to many Spanish-speaking nations.Those spending New Year's Eve in Madrid should head over to the Puerta del Sol before midnight. It's a lively square, surrounded by bars, restaurants and shopping, so it's a good place to be when the new year comes.Tamales, MexicoTamales, corn dough stuffed with meat, cheese and other delicious additions and wrapped in a banana leaf or a corn husk, make appearances at pretty much every special occasion in Mexico. But the holiday season is an especially favored time for the food. In many families, groups of women gather togethe <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> r to make hundreds of the little packets -- with each person in charge of one aspect of the cooking process -- to hand out to friends, family and neighbors. On New Year's, it's often served with menudo, a tripe and hominy soup that is famously good for hangovers.Those who live in cities with large Mexican populations shouldn't have much trouble finding restaurants selling tamales to go for New Year's Eve and Day. But gourmands who want the real deal should head to Mexico City, where steamed tamales are sold from vendors on street corners day and night. They can also be found at established restaurants like  or or tamale specialists like Los Tamales y Algo Mas.

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 Déficit comercial aumenta en El Salvador y exportaciones se contraen
 SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador El Salvador acumuló de enero a noviembre un déficit comercial de 4.513.4 millones de dólares, 288,5 millones más que en el mismo período de 2011, informó el sábado el Banco Central de Reserva.
 Las exportaciones totalizaron 4.920,9 millones de dólares, con un crecimiento de 0,8% anual, mientras que el volumen de las importaciones sumó 9.434,3 millones de dólares con un aumento de 3,6%.
 La institución señaló en un informe que las exportaciones de productos tradicionales totalizaron 433,7 millones de dólares, una reducción de 20,2% con relación al mismo período de 2011.
 Dentro de estos productos, las ventas de café continuaron comportándose a la baja, registrando una tasa negativa de 34,8% anual, aunque el precio promedio del quintal de café fue superior en 5,8% al observado en noviembre de 2011, pasando de 205,49 dólares a 217,47 dólares por quintal.
 Los envíos de café alcanzaron 284,6 millones de dólares, 151,7 millones menos que en 2011, cuando los ingresos fueron 436,3 millones de dólares.
 Sin embargo, las exportaciones se vieron beneficiadas con las ventas de azúcar que sumaron 148,7 millones de dólares, creciendo 39,7%, exportando 42,3 millones de dólares adicionales, se indicó en el informe.
 Mientras tanto las exportaciones de productos no tradicionales subieron 4,3% sobre el mismo período de 2011 para  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> un total de 3.479,0 millones de dólares.
 Las exportaciones con destino a Centr <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> oamérica aumentaron 5,5% a 1.840,1 millones de dólares, mientras  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> que las exportaciones fuera de la región alcanzaron 1.638,9 millones, un aumento de 2,9% anual.
 El sector maquila exportó 1.008,2,6 millones de dólares, subiendo 0,6% en comparación con el período anterior, y la factura petrolera ascendió a 1.740,7 millones de dólares, elevándose en 11,6% comparada con noviembre de 2011

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 HIV Positive Trucker ‘Infected More Than 50 Women,’ Say Police
 An HIV positive Colombian truck driver has allegedly raped and infected mor <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> e than 50 women across the country.
 is reporting 57-year-old Libardo Rojas Duenas may have ignored state-issued medical advice after being diagnosed with the deadly virus on 2006. Police are stating Duenas raped a 16-year-old in the city of Cúcuta the following year and soon discovered she had contracted the sexually transmitted disease.
 Th <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> e news site is also stating he used his job to travel throughout the country, avoiding being capture by police. This could have given him more opportunity to attack other victims. While Duenas had consensual sex with other women, he reportedly did not use protection, putting them at risk.
 Police are stating the trucker put more than 50 women at risk due to his “uncontrollable rampage.” Duenas is being charged with rape and “knowingly contaminating another person with HIV.” Purposely infecting other people could condemn him to prison for up to 12 years.
 According to Colombian statistics provided by , there were an estimated 160,000 pe <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ople living with HIV in 2009 and 50,000 of them were women ages 15 and up. That same year, there were 14,000 deaths due to AIDS.
 describes HIV as human immunodeficiency virus, which weakens the immune system, causing flu-like symptoms. HIV, they state, can hide for long periods of time in the body while attacking cells that fight infection. HIV can lead to AIDS, the final stage of the infection.
 Radio Santa Fe reported Duenas was detained in Gorgonzola, an area located in the Colombian capital of Bogota. An investigation is ongoing.
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 Not to keep warm, to eat. In cowboy parlance, a saddle blanket is a pancake; belly wash is coffee and Pecos strawberries are beans.Welcome to , which prides itself on being known as the City of Cowboys. (You can see cowboys herding longhorn cattle on the streets twice each day in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District, though today it's strictly for the tourists.)Did you know that Fort Worth was a regular hideout for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?But Fort Worth also prides itself on being a city of culture. After all, there are five world-class museums here, from the , the second-largest museum gallery space for modern art in the country after MoMA New York to the , which has in its collection Michelangelo's first painting and is undergoing a $125 million expansion to the , that is literally a museum within a museum at the fantastic , which also includes the Fort Worth Children's Museum.It was at the Cattle Raisers Museum that I learned the lingo for chuck wagon eats. By the end of the Civil War, I also learned, millions of heads of cattle were in Texas and the teams that herded them North along the Chisholm Trail stopped here for supplies at what originally was settled as an army fort to protect settlers from Indian attacks on the frontier. The kids will love the interactive computer games that challenge them to drive the cattle to the ranch. Did you know that some ranchers use helicopters today to keep track of their herds?Got a little cowgirl in the bunch? A few steps from the Fort Worth Museum of Sc <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ience and History is the  that celebrates the resilience and athleticism of the women who helped settle the frontier and entertained at rodeos and Wild West shows. See how your little cowgirl manages riding the mechanical bronco and then download a video of her trying. Check out their amazing sparkly costumes and elaborate Western boots.I love that Fort Worth offers the opportunity to juxtapose Western history in museums and outside on the streets. Did I mention the  and the , both feature works by Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell, two of the country's greatest Western artists.Come for the holidays when you can take a picture with Cowboy Santa. Come next month when the  is in town, bringing nearly a million visitors and more than 22,000 head of livestock. The extravaganza, complete with nightly rodeo, lasts nearly a month.Come in the summer when the kids can attend "Cow Camp" in the Stockyards National Historic District, which I'm tol <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> d, looks the way it did 100 years ago when cowboys were driving huge herds of cattle through here headed north on the three-month trek to the Kansas railheads. Those famous cattle drives revitalized the Texas economy after the Civil War.Today instead of thousands, there are just a dozen or so Longhorns that comprise the , which makes a twice-daily trip down Exchange Avenue for tourists' pleasure. Meet the Longhorns named Bevo, Freckles, Frosty and Snort among others. Their horns can span 80 inches!For more authentic Western flavor, stop in at Billy Bob's Texas, the World's Largest Honky-Tonk, where, perhaps, you could convince the kids to dance the two-step. There's live bull riding in the indoor arena every weekend, too. Rodeos and Wild West shows go on year round in the  built in 1918. See if your kids can beat you out of the  designed to resemble the Old West's cattle pens.Eat some Texas barbecue (we went to ) or traditional Mexican fare at the sprawling Joe T. Garcia's in a Mexican-style hacienda that has been a fixture here since 1935. (Enchiladas or fajitas?) Stop for breakfast (biscuits and gravy or cheese grits maybe?) or a piece of freshly-made pie (coconut or chocolate) at the  that has been in the same family for more than 70 years. In case you are wondering, owner Mike Smith, who makes the pies, says coconut and chocolate cream are the most popular.By now you've got to work off all the good eats, so grab your cowboy hat and go horseback riding along the Trinity River trails. (You can also go out in a stagecoach.) Of course, you can go stay at a bona-fide ranch like the , located less than an hour outside of town.Take a hike at the huge (3,600-acre ) where there's also the chance to see a variety of animals native to this area -- cottontail rabbits, prairie dogs, beavers and bison among them.Neighboring Dallas has the skyscrapers, the glitzy shopping centers, the terrific new offering daily activities (chi <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ldren's yoga or family reading games) and the brand-new , which brought together the Dallas Museum of Natural History, the Science Place and the Dallas Children's Museum under one green roof and is designed to offer living science lessons. (The education wing has six learning labs!)Any family visiting this area should also make time to visit the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza in Dallas, which tells the sobering story of John F. Kennedy's assassination here, the aftermath and his legacy.But there's something about Fort Worth that's well, just fun and different than other cities -- if you're not from Texas or cattle country, anyway. You and your kids can't help but leave inspired by that cowboy and cowgirl can-do spirit.I'm busy breaking in my new Fort Worth cowboy boots.Eileen Ogintz is a syndicated columnist and writes about family travel on her  blog.&nbsp;Follow "taking the kids" on, where Ogintz welcomes your questions and comments.

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 The killing was confirmed by&nbsp;Pakistani intelligence officials in the nearby city of  who spoke on condition of anonymi  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ty since they were not authorized to speak to the press.Mr. Nazir, who survived a suicide attack in November reputedly organized by , was considered to be pro-government, a rare stance among Pakistani Taliban. He had agreed in the past to restrain his fighters from targeting Pakistani government forces, instead focusing efforts on the Taliban-led anti-US insurgency in Afghanistan. That had led some to label him a “good Taliban.   With his killing, however, some analysts say his successor and followers may now turn their guns on civilian and military targets within Pakistan.“Such <drone> attacks are not the first ones to have occurred and they have definitely created rifts between the  and the likes of Maulvi Nazir-led Taliban,” says Mehreen Zahra Malik, an -based columnist who recently visited Wana, the town in South Waziristan where Nazir was based.Adding to the problem is widespread outrage among most Pakistanis toward US drone strikes. The government and military have harnessed that anger to pressure . The “Good Taliban” forces increasingly suspect these attacks are being carried out with the consent of the Pakistani security establishment, Ms. Malik says.“There is nothing to say the 'Good Taliban' won't also turn their guns on the Pakistani state in the coming days, which is definitely something the Pakistan Army would like to avoid,” Malik adds.Other experts believe targeting Nazir could be part of a larger strategic alliance between Pakistan and the US, a relationship that has been strained by the 2011 secret US raid that killed  without the knowledge of the government. The 2011 “Salala Incident” in which  aircraft killed 24 Pakistani soldiers at a post on the Afghan border also prompted anger toward Washington. &nbsp;“By taking out the leadership of those Taliban based in Pakistan and fighting in Afghanistan like Maulvi Nazir, both  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a>  countries can increase the pressure on the Taliban for talks because they will be in a stronger position,” says , a defense analyst who has authored two books on the Pakistani military.Some fear the drone attacks may end up backfiring.“This drone attack belies the conventional wisdom... Why <would> the US target a militant close to the Afghan Taliban and antagonize those it wants to bring <to> the table for peace talks?” says Fahd Husain, a noted columnist for the several leading Islamabad newspapers.Another reason that such attacks may be happening could have to do with the Pakistani military wanting to suppo  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> rt stability in Afghanistan for its own interests, adds Mr. Husain. Recent  in Pakistani media have discussed a new doctrine by the Pakistan Army that describes homegrown militancy as the “biggest threat” to national security.“Pakistan knows that <after> the post pull-out of the Americans from Afghanistan in 2014, it will face a serious threat from the Taliban within the country and therefore there is an emergence of new strategic thinking within the Pakistani military,” he says.

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 Heavy security for India rape protest The victim, whose name has not been released, died Saturday in a Singapore hospital, where she received treatment after being airlifted from New Delhi.The men are accused of assaulting the woman and her male companion on a bus in the Indian capital on December 16, robbing them of their belongings before dumping them at the side of a road, police said.The male companion was eventually discharged from a local hospital.Protests, which have been taking place every day since the woman's death, continued Thursday in New Delhi.Authorities plan to seek the death penalty for the accused, CNN affiliate IBN reported, with many calls for the men to be hanged, including from the victim's family.If the sixth accused is confirmed to be a minor, he could be sent to a children's home for a maximum of three years, according to IBN.The 11 lawyers who make up the executive board of the Saket Bar <a href={url}>{keyword}</a>  Association on Wednesday vowed not to represent any of the accused assailants because of the nature of the crime.In addition, the bar association has appealed to its 7,000 members also to refrain from representing the accused, said the association's president, Rajpal Kasana."We are not taking this case on the grounds of humanity," he said.The boycott by the bar association does not mean the accused will not have lawyers. Attorneys from other districts or ones appointed by the court will likely fill that role.The call for local lawyers to avoid defendi <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ng the accused is unprecedented, but justified because "everyone is emotionally attached to this case," Kasana said.Lawmakers are weighing a proposal to toughen the country's anti-rape law. Some have suggested a new law should be named after the woman, while others have said it's illegal to reveal her identity.The victim's father told IBN that he supported naming a new law after his daughter."All I ask is that the law is the toughest it can be," he said. "The death penalty is compulsory for a crime so grave the assailants must be hanged. The courts must give these men the death penalty.", a consultant for a non-governmental organization from Bangalore, India, said sexual harassment is a daily problem for women -- but it was the horrific nature of the New Delhi attack and the brazenness of the alleged perpetrators that frightened so many people.Despite calls for harsher punishments for th <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ose who carry out such crimes, Vijayann feels only a change in attitudes and culture will truly bring about change."There is a sexist mindset, politicians have made silly remarks about women and how they should wear modest clothes, not go to parties ... if they make the laws how will it benefit us?" she asked. "People have to change the way they think."India's Supreme Court will hear a petition Thursday asking it to suspend all lawmakers who face charges for crimes against women. The petition was filed in the aftermath of the brutal gang rape, which sent thousands of outraged protesters to the streets for days."This unfortunate episode has galvanized the nation," said Jagdeep S. Chhokar, an official with the Association for Democratic Reforms, which tracks political candidates' criminal records.Chhokar said six Indian state lawmakers are facing rape charges in unrelated cases, and two people in the federal parliament are also facing charges of crimes against women that fall short of rape.The group says that in the past five years, political parties across India have nominated 260 candidates facing charges of crimes against women such as assault and outraging the modesty of a woman.CNN's Jethro Tull reported from Hong Kong, Aliza Kassam from Atlanta, and Sarah Brown contributed to this report from London.

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 Two of the most-experienced judges on the Franklin County bench retired on Monday, and their departures mark the start of a wave of retirements that will change the face of the judiciary this decade.Common Pleas Judges John F. Bender and John P. Bessey are the first of 11 judges who must step down over the next six years because of age restrictions. We re losing two really good, experienced judges, but this is just the beginning, said Common Pleas Judge Charles A. Schneider, who starts his final six-year term this month.In Ohio, judges aren t permitted to begin a term after turning 70. Nearly one-fourth of the 45 sitting judges in Franklin Cou <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> nty courts Common Pleas, Domestic Relations, Municipal and Appeals can t run again.Bessey, 75, wasn t eligible to seek re-election in November. Bender, 66, decided to retire four years before his term ends.Voters elected Columbus lawyer Kim Brown to fill the seat that Bessey will vacate. Gov. John Kasich will appoint a successor for Bender. Six years may seem like a long time, but it s the blink of an eye, Schneider said of the period during which he and eight other judges must retire. Where are we going to get quality candidates to replace these judges? This is a very, very important issue. In Bessey and Bender, the public was served by judges who were well prepared for the bench, Schneider said.Bessey, a Columbus native, had been a lawyer in private practice, an assistant city prosecutor and a restaurateur by the time he was appointed to a vacancy on the Common Pleas bench in 1993 by then-Gov. George Voinovich.He was a partner in L Armagnac, a French restaurant on S. 6th Street Downtown, where he devoted much of his energy from 1982 to 1987. He eventually sold his stake in the restaurant, which no longer exists.Bessey was quite a renaissance man  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> and showed that in his work, Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O Brien said.O Brien was Columbus city attorney during the seven years that Bessey was an assistant city attorney before becoming a judge. Perhaps the most-memorable case that Bessey prosecuted for the city was a trial in which he convinced a jury that boxer James Buster Douglas owed nearly $300,000 in city income tax from the purse he had collected for defending his world heavyweight championship.Bessey said his experiences handling criminal and civil cases as a defense attorney and prosecutor gave him a different perspective from some judges.After 19 years on the bench, the cases he remembers best were civil disputes. He ruled in favor of the city of Bexley in its effort to prevent the construction of a McDonald s on the site of an adult movie theater in 1995 a ruling that was overturned on appeal. In 1998, he ruled that local investors including Wolfe Enterprises, whose chairman, John F. Wolfe, is publisher of The Dispatch could obtain a National Hockey League franchise for Columbus without including Lamar Hunt. I always worked very hard not to lose my temper on the bench, to keep a degree of composure, Bessey said. I think that s what people expect of a judge. Bender spent the past decade on the Common Pleas bench but had been a Crawford County Municipal Court judge from 1978 to 1990. He grew up in Bucyrus and followed in the footsteps of his father, who had been a Crawford County judge.In 1991, Bender was hired as chief elections counsel for then-Secretary of State Bob Taft. When Taft became governor in 1999, Bender was named director of the state Office of Criminal Justice Services.Taft appointed Bender to an opening on the Franklin County Common Pleas bench in A <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> pril 2000. He lost the judgeship seven months later to Jennifer Brunner, but Taft appointed him to another Common Pleas vacancy in 2003, and Bender twice retained the seat in elections. He had not only the necessary legal experience, but he definitely had sound judicial temperament, Taft recalled. If you were an attorney or a client and wanted a fair shake in the courtroom, he s the kind of judge you d want. Like Bessey, Bender said his most-vivid memories are of civil cases he handled. They include his 2008 decision that campaign-finance reforms were invalid because of the way legislators had tucked them into the previous year s state budget. In a 2009 decision now under appeal, Bender ruled that White Hat Management, a for-profit manager of charter schools, must reveal how it spends tax dollars.Bender called being a trial judge in the Common Pleas general division the best job in the judiciary.  The intellectual challenge is great, and you can make a difference, he said. At this level, decisions we make really affect people s lives. At the end of the day, I like to think we ve done something decent for people.

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 BOSTON  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> &nbsp;At first, the Melnick sisters thought it was just a cruel coincidence that two of them were diagnosed with breast cancer.But when two more sisters were given the same diagnosis, they came to suspect that a drug their mother took in the 1950s while she was pregnant had something to do with it.The four sisters are now suing a former maker of DES, or diethylstilbestrol, in a case set to unfold in federal court on Friday, when it will become one of the first of scores of such claims around the U.S. to go to trial. The Melnick women are seeking unspecified damages.The numerous pharmaceutical companies that made or marketed the drug argue that no firm link has been established between breast cancer and DES, a synthetic estrogen that was prescribed to millions of women from the late 1930s to the early 1970s to prevent miscarriage, premature births and other problems.It was eventually pulled from the market after being linked to a rare vaginal cancer in women whose mothers used DES. And studies showed the drug did not prevent miscarriages after all.All four Melnick sisters had miscarriages, fertility problems or other reproductive tract problems long suspected of being caused by prenatal exposure to DES. Then in 2008, one of the sisters read about a study reporting an increased incidence of breast cancer in the daughters of women who took DES during pregnancy."That's when we really started to say, `Wow, there really could be a link. It's not just in our head,"' said Donna Melnick McNeely, a special education assistant from Las Cruces, New Mexico, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 49.The sisters, who grew up in Tresckow, Pennsylvania, say they have compelling anecdotal evidence within their family: Their mother took DES while pregnant with Donna, Michele, Andrea and Francine. All had reproductive problems and developed breast cancer in their 40s. But their mother did not take DES while pregnant with the oldest sister, Mary Ann. She did not have fertility issues and has not had breast cancer.Eli Lilly and Co., the Indianapolis-based drug company being sued by the sisters, dominated the market for DES. The company argues in court documents that there is no evidence that the women's mother, Frances Melnick, even took DES. She and her doctor are dead, and the drug company says there are no medical records documenting her treatment.The Melnick sisters are among 51 women who have DES lawsuits pending in Boston against more than a dozen drug companies. Mediation ordered by a federal judge failed to produce settlements. Jury selection in the Melnick case is set to begin Friday."We believe these claims are without merit and are prepared to defend against them vigorously," said Eli Lilly spokesman J. Scott MacGregor.The Foo d and Drug Administration told doctors to stop prescribing DES to pregnant women in 1971 after a study found that the drug appeared to increase the risk of their daughters developing a rare vaginal cancer. Thousands of lawsuits have been filed since then alleging links between DES and vaginal and cervical cancer, as well as fertility problems. Many of those cases were settled.Lawyers for the Melnick sisters cite a study published in 2011 that suggests the risk of breast cancer is nearly double in DES daughters over 40. The study, led by Dr. Robert Hoover, a researcher at the National Cancer Institute, found that the chances that a DES daughter will develop breast cancer by age 55 are about 1 in 25. For the average woman, it is about 1 in 50."This is a drug that was never adequately tested and never adequately warned," said Aaron Levine, a lawyer for the Melnick sisters and the other women who have sued in Boston. "There were no warnings at all, except in their literature they warned that it could be carcinogenic to the mother, but they never warned about the babies."The four Melnick sisters were diagnosed with breast cancer between 1997 and 2003 and went through varying treatments ranging from lump-removal surgery to a full mastecto <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> my, chemotherapy and radiation.Michele Melnick Fecho, who was 42 when she became the first sister diagnosed, said she hopes the trial will prompt more women to ask their mothers if they took DES."I think it's important to be your own advocate," she said. "If a woman -- a DES daughter -- knew this, she could get earlier screening."

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 Material published on The SF Gate online service is copyrighted by Hearst Communications Inc. or its licensors, including the originating wire services. Such material is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and treaties. All rights reserved. Users of the SF Gate online service may not reproduce, republish or redistribute material found on the web site in any form without the express written consent of the copyright holder. To obtain permission to reuse or republish material copyrighted by Hearst Communications Inc., please contact the Copyright Clearance Center via the Internet. The address of their web site is . Most public libraries provide access to the Internet, if you do not have access at your home, school, or office. After registering on the web, you will be able to access the Republication Licensing Service. If you would like more information about the service, click on "services" and then "Republication Licensing Service" and then "user benefits." Also, you can get answers to frequently asked questions if you click on "help" and then "Republication Licensing Service." If you have trouble using the service, please call Copyright Clearance Center at (978) 750-8400. For Chronicle photo reprints and permissions for personal use: (415) 777-7850 For Chronicle photo reprints and permissions for commercial use: (415) 777-8428 For Chronicle graphics reprints and permissions contact: (415) 777-6003 For any other questions on Article Reprint Permissions call (415) 777-6225 For use of the Chronicle logo, its content or related images for television or motion pictures: Public Relations (415) 777-6174 Hearst Communications Inc. cannot grant permission to reuse or republish material from other information providers. Please contact other copyright owners directly. SF Gate encourages other web sites to link to material found on SF Gate and this site may include links to other Internet websites. By allowing and providing such links, Hearst Communications Inc. does not recommend and is not liable for any content, information, advice, products, services or prices therefor contained on or accessible through such websites. Your access and use of any such third party websites and their content, information, advice, products or services is solely at your own risk.  Trademark Notice Certain trademarks, service marks and trade names appearing on the SF Gate online service are owned by Hearst Communications Inc. or its affiliate(s), including the following: SF Gate, The Gate and San Francisco Chronicle. All other trademarks, service marks and trade names appearing on the SF Gate online service are the property of their respective owners. Masthead Information  Founded in 1865 by Charles and M.H. deYoung A Division of Hearst Communications, Inc. Chairman and Publisher  Frank J. Vega President  Mark Adkins  Editor and Executive Vice President Ward H. Bushee  Editorial Page Editor  John Diaz  Managing Editor  Stephen R. Proctor  Deputy Managing Editor  Meredith White  Vice Presidents  Senior Vice President, Advertising Jeff Bergin Senior Vice President, Circulation Chris Blaser

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 Ouch!Reality bloodies, then bruises when it smacks you in the mouth while simultaneously kicking you in your pride. The physical beating Alabama administered to Notre Dame in another BCS anticlimax will throb a little longer than previous title game yawners because it wasn't just the Irish that got humbled in South Florida on Monday night.Every delusional coach, booster or fan who harbored thoughts that through hard work, high-ranked recruiting and divine intervention they might have a chance of besting the SEC in a one-game, winner-take-all for the national championship got a deflating reality check.Forget it. It's not happening.A big man doesn't gloat, but I've never professed to be a big man.I've argued this ad nauseam for years, much to the dismay of those stubbornly adamant that SEC dominance was nothing more than a media-driven perception. The SEC doesn't dominate college football because it cheats in recruiting better than everybody else, or signs more players than the number of scholarships allowed, or simply benefits from the vast regional advantage of having more of the best football talent in the country in their backyard.It dominates because of a singular attitude. National championships are the only measuring stick of a successful season -- not double-digit victories, not playing New Year's Day, not just winning your conference or beating your in-state rival.If you're not raising crystal footballs on the season's last evening, you're just fooling yourself into believing that you're relevant.Notre Dame was the last Midwest-based hope. It has the national recruiting base as well as the grossly overrated recruiting class rankings that conned people into believing that the Irish would be the program that could at least seriously challenge the SEC champion in the title game, if not beat them.But when Alabama steamrolled through them on the first drive for the first of six rather easily manufactured touchdowns, it should have been obvious that Midwest football relevance is the media-created fraud.The Big Ten looks at the occasional third-tier bowl victory over the conference or "coming close" in losses as it did in this bowl season as evidence that the gap's closing between the conferences. But if your best cannot beat their best on the game's biggest stage, nothing else matters.The college football season ended the same way it started -- the Crimson Tide pummeling the two biggest cobwebbed football institutions in the country. Alabama blasted Michigan, 41-14, on the opening weekend in Texas. It added an extra point against the Irish. I guess that means the Wolverines can brag they were a point better than Notre Dame.And if it wasn't Alabama inflicting the punishment against the Irish, it would have been Georgia. Or Texas A&M. Or Florida. Or LSU. Or South Carolina.There can be no denying now that there isn't a football conference that raises its level of performance to the level of the stakes involved any better than those boys down south. And that's not changing anytime soon.Contact Drew Sharp: 313-223-4055 or Follow him on Twitter .Free Press beat writer Joe Rexrode will answer your MSU questions in a live chat at 10 a.m. Thursday at .Free Press beat writer Mark Snyder will answer your U-M questions in a live chat at 11 a.m. Thursday at .

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 General manager Martin Mayhew offered a bit of insight into the Lions' needs this off-season when he said last week that his team allowed "a little bit more interior pressure than we had last year" and "that was a factor" in quarterback Matthew Stafford's play.Left guard Rob Sims is generally considered to be the Lions' best interior lineman, and center Dominic Raiola and guard Stephen Peterman are entering the final year of their contracts.Additions could be in store, whether it's through the draft or free agency, but one player who might bolster the line is already on the roster -- guard/center Bill Nagy, who spent the season on injured reserve after the Lions claimed him off waivers from the Cowboys in August.Nagy, 25, started four games at left guard for the Cowboys as a rookie in 2011 and was competing for time at center last year before he suffered a sprained left ankle that required surgery and led to his release.He spent the first part of his rehab in his hometown of Cleveland, but was with the Lions for the last six weeks or so of the regular season, when he worked out and went through meetings with the team.Nagy, who broke the same ankle as a rookie, told the Free Press late last month that he was ahead of schedule in his rehab and excited about his future with the Lions. He should be on the field for organized team workouts this spring."I'm definitely anxious," he said. "It's been way too long to be sitting. It was disappointing just because this year I had high hopes for playing a lot when I was in Dallas. I was competing for a job down in Dallas. But I'm just a guy who's going to work hard, and I'm hungry. I haven't played in a year and a half. So it's going to be good to get back."A seventh-round pick out of Wisconsin, Nagy's release came as a surprise to most everyone last fall, though he said he was "honored (the Lions) thought that highly of me to really take me on for this whole year when they knew that I wouldn't be able to contribute.""It was crazy because I went and I had surgery in Charlotte with Dr. (Robert) Anderson and I was on a plane back, talking with my agent, and he basically was kind of, 'Hey, you're going to probably be heading back to Dallas, that's what it's looking like,' " Nagy said. "I got on the plane, got off the plane, had like three messages, text messages saying congratulations. And this is me post-op surgery, so you can imagine I'm not all there."But it's a great opportunity. I'm fitting it well. It's real close to Cleveland where I'm from, so I think it's a great opportunity."Contact Dave Birkett: 313-222-2037 or Follow him on Twitter .

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 9hoursagoDestiny's Child to reunite, release new musicLucy Nicholson / AFP-Getty Images fileBack in the day ... Destiny's Child, from left, Kelly Rowland, Beyonce and Michelle Williams, at the 28th Annual American Music Awards on Jan. 8, 2001.By Courtney Hazlett, NBC NewsDestiny's Child fans have a new reason to say their name: the group, comprised of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, is reuniting for the first time since splitting up in 2005. "We are so proud to announce the first original Destiny's Child music in eight years!" the group announced on their &nbsp;page Thursday.On Jan. 29, they'll release "Love Songs," a collection comprised "mainly of romantic gems recorded between 1997 and 2004," according to their . On the album will also be a brand new track, "Nuclear," the first new recording since 2004.Now that there's music on the horizon, the next logical question is WHEN WILL THEY PERFORM. There's no official word yet, but the rumor du jour is that Beyonce's Superbowl performance might be a great opportunity. According to , Beyonce will open the show, then she'll be joined by Williams and Rowland to singe a Destiny's Child medley and their new song, then Beyonce would close the show. Naturally, no one within the Destiny's Child camp has any comment on this. Stay tuned.More music news:Explore related topics: , , ,

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 Jaleel Canty is a thorough young man, and that carries over to every aspect of his life.Which is why the Lansing Everett senior football Dream Team all-stater did more than Google a college coach's name when he was offered a scholarship."I had done a lot of research as far as not just about going to play football, but about schools," he said. "It takes awhile to learn about a program."So when Canty orally committed to play for Butch Jones last summer, he was equally committing to the University of Cincinnati.Canty was disappointed -- but not devastated -- when Jones left for Tennessee. Canty still was going to Cincinnati, or so he thought.Here we are, 25 days from signing day, and Canty no longer has a scholarship.What happened? Tommy Tuberville happened.Tuberville was at Texas Tech until he shocked everyone and took the Cincinnati job.At that time, Canty, a wide receiver and defensive back, was speaking with Cincinnati director of recruiting services Mike Waugh on a regular basis. "I talked to him right before the dead period, and I was expecting a call the day they could call us again," Canty said. "I never received one, so I called the coach and he was like, 'Everything's good, everything's fine.'"He told me he would be able to call me back. He never called back. I called him a few nights ago, and he was like: 'We just finalized our staff. Give me a call tomorrow, and I'll let you know what's going on.' "Waugh shattered Canty's world late Thursday night."I ended up calling him, and he was like, 'Tuberville had brought in his recruits and the athletic director said he didn't have to honor anyone's scholarship,' " Canty said. "And that was pretty much it."Don't forget, Canty had offers from Central Michigan, Bowling Green, Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Toledo, Ball State and Akron, and had turned them all down when he accepted the Cincinnati offer.The NCAA forbids college coaches from talking about unsigned recruits, so Tuberville is unable to explain his actions, or those of athletic director Whit Babcock, who gave him the go-ahead to dump the kids who had put their futures in the hands of Cincinnati administrators.Canty isn't alone in this mess -- there is a laundry list of other Cincinnati recruits whose offers Tuberville rescinded.Everett coach Marcelle Carruthers is furious about the way the staff treated Canty. "I haven't heard from any of those coaches," he said. "For them to just make a comment without letting the coach know what is going on, I'm not very fond of that."Neither is Canty, who is spending the weekend scrambling for a school."Signing day is in a few weeks, and I'm out here and there's nothing open," he said. "Now I'm stuck trying to look for options in a short period of time. I just want to be able to play football."Tuberville was named Cincinnati coach Dec. 8, and it took him more than a month to let Canty know he was not going to honor his commitment. That is unforgivable."The thing that might have disappointed me the most is that I had to call them to figure it out," Canty said, "instead of them calling me to let me know they don't have a scholarship anymore."Any high school coach in Michigan who lets Tuberville speak to one of his recruits does so at his own peril. Contact Mick McCabe: 313-223-4744 or  . Follow him on Twitter @mickmccabe1.

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 Nelson Balido: A Look at the New Players to Impact the Border Debate in 2013
 The last days of 2012 are upon us. For those of us who are border watchers, that means familiarizing ourselves with a new slate of players who will be impacting trade and border security in the next Congress. Whether because of redistricting or election wins, there will be lots of new faces in 2013.
 In California, longtime Congressman Bob Filner departs for San Diego’s City Hall, where he is now that city’s mayor after serving 10 terms in the U.S. House. Now representing the district that runs from the southern part of San Diego County along the border east to the state line is former state senator Juan Var <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> gas. In a nod to the new congressman’s border district, he was recently appointed to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.
 Vargas will join fellow San Diego County freshman Rep.-elect Scott Peters in Washington. Peters is a former San Diego Port commissioner who will represent the North County area once served by Rep. Brian Bilbray.
 Moving to the east, there is one change to note in Arizona’s border re <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> gion.
 While Rep. Raul Grijalva will continue to represent San Luis and Nogales and Rep. Ron Barber will represent Douglas, there is a new congressman on the northern edges of Yuma County due to redistricting. Rep. Paul Gosar is now representing a huge new district that spans most of the western part of the state along the Colorado River and includes parts of Yuma County. A member of the House Oversight Committee’s subcommittee with jurisdiction over Homeland Security, Rep. Gosar has been a vocal critic of the Department of Justice’s handling of the Fast and Furious border gun running operation.
 From a statewide perspective, Rep. Jeff Flake moves to the Senate, replacing the retiring Sen. Jon Kyl. Kyl leaves big shoes to fill, but Flake is a committed voice for trade and has been a leader on immigration reform. Expect him to make an easy transition to the Senate.
 New Mexico
 Rep. Steve Pearce will continue to be New Mexico’s border region representative.
 There’s a new face in the Senate, though, as Martin Heinrich moves from his Albuquerque-area House seat over to the Senate, replacing the retiring Sen. Jeff Bingaman.
 New Mexico has seen the most turnover of border Senate seats, with Sen. Tom Udall taking his seat in that chamber after winning the 2008 fall election when former Sen. Pete Domenici retired.
 The Lone Star State saw the most upheaval in its border delegation following the fall elections.
 In El Paso, Beto O’Rourke won a seat in the House after dispatching longtime Rep. Silvestre Reyes in the Democratic primary. O’Rourke was re <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> cently named to the House Homeland Security Committee, a good fit for a new congressman who, as a candidate, stressed the need for El Paso to expand its trade opportunities.
 Further to the east in the sprawling district from the far edges of El Paso County all the way to San Antonio, former state legislator Pete Gallego will be heading to Washington. Gallego was named to the House Armed Services Committee.
 Heading over to where the border meets the sea, Filemon Vela will represent the Brownsville-area district after redistricting saw Rep. Blake Farenthold’s district move north to be more Corpus Christi-centric. Vela will serve on the House Agriculture Committee.
 Statewide, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison bids farewell to the Capitol after a distinguished career full of accomplishments for border communities. Filling her seat is Ted Cruz, who received national acclaim for his speech over the summer during the Republican National Convention and will be one to watch on the 2016 national stage.
 These new faces along the U.S.-Mexico border as well as a new U.S.-Canada border district congressman from Minnesota, Rep. Rick Nolan, who defeated an emerging voice for border trade in Rep. Chip Cravaack, will inject their new ideas into the old challenges facing the border.
 Will these new players put security before trade, or will they work to advance policies that acknowledge trade’s importance to the country’s fiscal health and North America’s overall competitiveness? With a government-sequester looming that could severely hobble border agencies and damage the U.S. economy, new thinking and a willingness to work across political lines will be welcomed by border advocates.
Nelson Balido is the president of the Border Trade Alliance and former member of the DHS-Homeland Security Advisory Council.
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 Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski talked plenty of Rick Porcello on MLB Network Radio today -- though he gave no indication of his interest in trading the right-hander.Instead,  that, as of now, Porcello has a "leg up" on lefty Drew Smyly for the No. 5 spot in the rotation.Porcello went 10-12 with a 4.59 ERA in 31 starts last season, while Smyly went 4-3 with a 3.99 ERA in 23 games, including 18 starts. Smyly's struggles largely came in the middle of the season; he had a 4.96 ERA in six May starts and an 8.56 ERA in three June starts, but had a great start to the season (1.23 ERA in four April starts) and pitched well largely in relief in August and September."Smyly did such a good job for us last year and, ideally, you want a left-hander in your rotation," Dombrowski said. "So I don't know which way that will end up going, but Porcello would have to be a leader."And Porcello is a fine big-league pitcher. I mean, last year, I know he was down a little bit when you look at it, but ... you're looking at a guy who's 24 years of age that has won 45 games at the big-league level."Dombrowski also acknowledged that Porcello has struggled with the consistency of his breaking ball despite improving his strikeouts and velocity later in the season."It wasn't his best year last year, but you're also looking at a guy that's won 14 games a couple times at the big-league level and is only 24 years of age," he said.Porcello has a career ERA of 4.55 in four seasons, winning 14 games in 2009 and 2011. He struck out a career-high 107 in 176.1 innings last season. Smyly struck out 94 in 99.1 innings.Torii Hunter at No. 2? Dombrowski also told Duquette that he expects newly acquired outfielder Torii Hunter to fit in nicely at the No. 2 spot in the batting order, in front of reigning American League MVP Miguel Cabrera.Hunter hit .343 when he was No. 2 in the Los Angeles Angels' lineup last season."The way (manager Jim Leyland) has thought about it, he just figures that Torii did so well last year in that No. 2 spot, it's a good fit for us with his speed and ability to make things happen there," Dombrowski said.Left-handed outfielder Andy Dirks, who hit .295 in 173 at-bats at the No. 2 spot with the Tigers last season, also makes for a decent option at that spot in the lineup, Dombrowski said.More notes: Dombrowski, : "Contract conversations are better off behind the scenes; obviously, we'd love to keep him." ... ex-Tigers first baseman Tony Clark and ex-manager Phil Garner are among a panel of speakers for the Marvin Miller Memorial Celebration taking place at 6 p.m. Monday at New York University.Contact Brian Manzullo: Follow him on Twitter .

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 México: Error de mandatario causa burlas, críticas
 Un error del presidente mexicano Enrique Peña Nieto desató en las últimas horas un aluvión de burlas y críticas por parte de analistas y políticos de la oposición, quienes consideraron que no saber el nombre del instituto de transparencia refleja la actitud del gobierno en el tema.
 Peña Nieto dio un tropiezo él miércoles al nombrar incorrectamente el Instituto Federal de Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos en una ceremonia en la que revelaba sus ingresos como presidente y propiedades personales.
 Al hablar de una de las iniciativas de ley presentadas a legi <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> sladores, Peña Nieto dijo que una de ellas "tiene que ver con la ampliación de facultades del instituto de información y de acceso", luego repitió "de información y de acceso a la opinión pública de toda la información disponible para la ciudadanía".
 El desliz provocó decenas de miles de comentarios en redes sociales, y el acrónimo del instituto, IFAI, se convirtió en uno de los temas mundiales más mencionados en las últimas horas en Twitter.
 "Dicen que EPN (Enrique Peña Nieto) cambiará el nombre al IFAI por el 'I-FAIL''', tuiteó el locutor de radio Francisco Alanis, conocido como "sopitas", en tono de broma. La frase "I fail" significa yo fallo en inglés.
 Otras personas fueron más críticas. Una estudiante y activista que protestó contra Peña Nieto antes de las elecciones de julio expresó en la red "queda doblemente claro que será un sexenio sin transparencia".
 El se <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> nador Javier Lozano compartió una imagen donde se amplía el acrónimo del instituto para burlarse del nombre que Peña Nieto usó.
 "Miren nada más lo que anda circulando", dijo Lozano. "Buenísimo".
 En la ceremonia que provocó la controversia Peña Nieto divulgó que sus ingresos como presidente son de 193.000 pesos (alrededor de 15.000 dólares) al mes. También declaró que es dueño de cuatro casas, un departamento y cuatro terrenos. Seis de las propiedades las registra como donación.
 El error del instituto no fue lo único que provocó críticas. Empezaron a surgir dudas en medios de comunicación cuando la publicación de los ingresos del gabinete de Peña Nieto dejó en descubierto que las mujeres ministras parecían tener menores salarios que sus colegas hombres.
 Sin embargo, la Secretaría de la Función Pública aclaró en un comunicado que el ingreso es igual para todos los secretarios. Las diferencias radican en que algunos mi <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> nistros reciben bonos más altos por riesgo y seguro y que integrantes de fuerzas armadas reciben pagos por antigüedad
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 State Board of Education President Debe Terhar said she was not comparing President Barack Obamato Adolf Hitler when she posted a ph <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> otograph of the Nazi leader on her Facebook page with a messagecritical of the administration’s new gun-control efforts.But she does say we “need to step back and think about it and look at history” to see thattyrants have disarmed their citizens.Terhar, a Cincinnati Republican elected last week by the 19-member school board to a secondterm as its president, recently posted the picture with this commentary: “Never forget what thistyrant said: ‘To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.’ — Adolf Hitler.”The photograph apparently originated with the Facebook page of Uncle Sam’s MisguidedChildren, which features a variety of anti-Obama, pro-gun posts and photos, such as scantily cladwomen hoisting large guns, a polar bear with the words “Holy f*** I’m glad I’m white,” and anothersaying “Where’s Lee Harvey Oswalt when you need him?”A few have made the Obama-to-Hitler comparison since the president proposed restricting gunrights in the wake of last month’s shooting in a Connecticut elementary school that left 20children and six adults dead. Similar comparisons were made during the 2009 health-care debate.Terhar, whose posts are visible only to her Facebook friends, said those who know her wouldunderstand that she is encouraging people to examine history as the country debates restricting gunrights. But “Someone who doesn’t know me could possibly misunderstand what my intent was.”“I’m not comparing the president to Adolf Hitler,” she said. “It’s the thought of disarmingcitizens, and this has happened throughout history. What’s the true intention of the SecondAmendment? It was to protect us from a tyrannical government, God forbid.”Terhar said she believes schools should have armed guards to protect students in caseviolence erupts, but that decision should be left to local school boards. The state board has nottaken a position on guns and student safety in the wake of the Conne <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> cticut massacre.“Schools are gun-free zones. If you have someone who is bent on causing harm, where are theygoing to go? To a place where there is little chance of resistance,” Terhar said. “It comes down toprotecting ourselves and protecting our kids.”Still, she said, “There are a number of people who don’t want armed guards, so it should be alocal decision.”In March, the state board plans to hold a public hearing on school safety.  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> Terhar said thepanel will hear from school officials about their safety plans and consider the options districtshave for protecting students.

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 Soccer: Messi, Suarez, Pardo & More
 As fabulous as Barcelona has been this season, we were reminded this weekend that Lionel Messi and company are mortals.
 Real S <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ociedad made sure of that, stunning La Liga leaders, 3-2, with a late goal by Imanol Agirretxe a minute into stoppage at home.
 But it wasn't that Barca went down to defeat, it was the way it was achieved. The Spanish powerhouse enjoyed a two-goal advantage late in the first half and eventually saw it evaporate, thanks in part to a red card to Gerard Piqué in the 56th minute.
 The defeat cut Barca's lead to second-place Atlético Madrid, 2-0 winners over Levante, to eight points. Barcelona fell to 18-1-1.
 "Losing a game had to come at some point," Messi told reporters. "We have to pick ourselves up immediately because of the cup match coming up."
 Messi was referring to Barca's Copa del Rey quarterfinal on Thursday.
 "It was inevitable we would eventually lose a game," Barca coach Tito Vilanova said. "It puts us in our place because there is still a long way to go in La Liga. Although everyone believes we have been winning games easily, it isn't so. There are still a lot of difficult games ahead of us."
 It looked like another Barcelona stroll in a soccer park on Saturday when Messi tied a La Liga record by scoring in his 10th consecutive match in the seventh match. Messi, one of a dozen Argentineans to score in Europe this weekend, is only two goals away from becoming only the eighth La Liga player to reach the 200-goal barrier.
 Pedro doubled the lead in the 25th minute and even the Real Sociedad faithful had to think their heroes would be in for a long day. But it wasn't meant to be.
 Only four minutes before halftime Gonzalo Castro sliced the lead in half with the first of his two goals. But Pique was awarded his second yellow card in the 56th minute and Real equalized six minutes later on Castro's second goal, a shot that deflected off another Barca Argentine player, Javier Mascherano.
 It turned out to be a difficult week for Barca, which allowed 10-man Malaga to draw at Camp Nou, 2-2 in Copa first leg on Wednesday. Two days later, goalkeeper Victor Valdes turned down the club's contract renewal and said he would leave when his deal ends next year.
 Barcelona's website put together a list of some intriguing facts about the game. Here are some of them:
 * It was the fifth time the side lost when Messi scored and only the second time in leagu <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> e competition. Messi's goal was the 3,000 that Real had allowed in its La Liga history.
 * Messi has scored in 121 league matches and Barca have ended up losing only twice – this game and a 4-3 loss to Atlético Madrid in March 2009. Messi has scored in 182 games in all competitions en route to a 161-5-16 mark.
 * It also was Barcelona's first league road defeat in almost a year. The last loss on Feb. 11, 2012 (the team was 17-0-1 away since then).
 * The game was the sixth time that Real Sociedad had ended a long Barca winning streak at the start of a league season. Other such results came in the 1930/31, 1961/62, 1969/70, 1972/73, 1974/75 and 2012/13 seasons.
 Angel Di Maria, Gonzalo Higuain
 Real Madrid looked like the Real Madrid of old, trampling visiting Valencia, 5-0, as two Argentines starred. After Higuain gave the hosts a 1-0 lead on a breakaway goal in the ninth minute, Di Maria scored the first of his two goals in the 34th minute. He added another goal in the 45th minute. Cristiano Ronaldo also tallied twice as Valencia suffered its worst La Liga home loss.
 Radamel Falcao
 The Colombian striker suffered a hamstring injury early in the second half of Atletico Madrid's 2-0 win over Levante. It was not known how long Falcao will be out. "He will rest and he will be in very good shape further down the line," AM coach Diego Simeone said.
 Giovani dos Santos
 The Mexican international scored a first-half equalizer for Real Mallorca but it turned out not to be enough en route to a 3-2 away loss to Espanyol. After Simao had given the hosts a 16th-minute lead, dos Santos tallied in the 35th minute.
 Augusto Fernández
 Fernández, an Argentine, saved Celta Vigo from defeat, scoring in the 76th minute to give his side a 1-1 draw at Malaga.
 Luis Suárez
 The Uruguayan star scored Liverpool's second goal, in the 36th minute, in Liverpool's 5-0 rout of visiting Norwich City.
 David Silva
 Manchester City's 2-0 home win over Fulham certainly had a Silva lining. The Spanish international struck for both goals, the first only two minutes into the encounter, the insurance score in the 69th minute..
 Juan Mata, Santi Cazorla
 The Spaniards each played important roles for the different sides in Chelsea's 2-1 win over London rival Arsenal at snowy Stamford Bridge. Mata found the range in the sixth minute to give Chelsea a 1-0 advantage. After Frank Lampard's goal made it 2-0, but Cazorla set up Theo Walcott in the 58th minute.
 Angelo Henríquez, Roger Espinoza, Maynor Figueroa
 An 18-year-old Chilean on loan from Manchester United, Henríquez scored a consolation goal for Wigan Athletic in its 3-2 home defeat to Sunderland. He scored in the 79th minute to pull the hosts within one. Espinoza, a Honduran international who recently transferred from Sporting Kansas City, made his English Premier League debut as a substitute. Fellow Honduran Figueroa played the full 90 minutes.
 Facundo Roncaglia, Edinson Cavani
 Depending on your vantage point, Roncaglia scored a wonder goal or a lucky one, while Cavani reached a major milestone as Fiorentina and Napoli played to a 1-1 tie. Roncaglia, an Argentine defender, scored from his half of the field as his goal was helped by a blunder by Napoli goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis. De Sanctis misjudged the ball, which flew over his head and took one bounce before entering the goal in the 33rd minute. Cavani, a Uruguayan striker, scored his 17th goal of the season, a header off a free kick in the 42nd minute. It turned out to be Cavani's 66th goal in 2 1/2 seasons with Napoli; he scored 34 in three seasons with Palermo.
 Gonzalo Bergessio, Pablo Barrientos
 The Argentine duo turned out to be deadly early and late for Genoa in Catania's 2-0 away win. Bergessio found the back of the net in the fourth minute and Barrientos added an insurance tally in the 86th.
 Mario Santana
 The Argentinean scored a breakaway goal in the fourth minute to start Torino to a 2-0 triumph at Pescara. Alessio Cerci added a breakaway goal of his own in the 41st minute.
 Rodrigo Palacio
 Palacio, yet another Argentine, scored a minute into stoppage time to help Inter Milan to a 1-1 draw at AS Roma.
 Emmanuel Herrera
 Herrera, an Argentine scored for defending champion Montpellier in its 3-2 loss to comeback-minded Olimpique Marseille. He beat the offside trap to equalize off a John Utaka through ball in the 17th minute before  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> striking for another goal only three minutes later.
 Renato Civelli
 The Argentine struck in the 77th minute for Nice's opening goal in its 2-0 win at Lille.
 Guillermo Ochoa
 The Mexican international goalkeeper made two saves and blocked three other shots to help AC Ajaccio to a 1-1 home draw with 10-man Valenciennes.
 Jefferson Farfán
 The Peruvian standout started Schalke 04 on its way to a wild 5-4 home triumph over Hanover 96. Farfán tallied in the 44th minute to give the hosts a 1-0 lead. Who would have thought the teams would combine for eight goals over the remaining 41 minutes?
 Pavel Pardo
 After a 19-year-old professional soccer career, the former Mexican international midfielder has decided to hang up his boots. A two-time Mexican World Cup veteran and the second most capped player in Mexican National Team history played had a career that saw him compete at the top levels in Mexico, Germany and the United States, most recently with the Chicago Fire.
Michael Lewis, who has covered international soccer for more than three decades, can be reached at .
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 HOUSTON (AP) — A second suspect might emerge in the aftermath of the shooting at a Houston-areacommunity college that left three people wounded, the Harris County sheriff said yesterday.At l <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> east 10 shots were fired during a dispute between two men outside the library on the NorthHarris campus of Lone Star College on Tuesday, Sheriff Adrian Garcia said.Carlton Berry, 2 <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> 2, is charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.Garcia said investigators were trying to de <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> termine what caused the argument, adding that thedispute was “idiocy, stupidity.”Berry was injured in the incident and is under police supervision at a Houston hospital, Garciasaid.Garcia said the two other people wounded were recovering. Jody Neal, 25, with whom Berry wasarguing, was shot in the abdomen and leg. A maintenance worker for the college, 55-year-old BobbyCliburn, was standing nearby and was shot in the leg.

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 With seed catalogs arriving, it’s easy to be lured by the glossy photos of juicy red tomatoesand vines dripping with deep purple grapes. Before you place your order, however, consider heirloomvarieties rather than the hybrids sold by many seed companies.“Organic heirloom-variety vegetables are nutrient dense, packed with vitamins and minerals,”said John Fendley, owner of the Sustainable Seed Co. in Covelo, Calif. “The heirloom tomatoes grownin your backyard are up to eight times more nutritious than those you can buy at the store.”As more gardeners grow concerned about how vegetables or fruits taste, how seeds are processedand whether they’re genetically modified, sales of heirloom seeds have grown. But what exactly isan heirloom?Heirloom seeds and plants, Fendley said, are “generally defined as an open-pollinated varietythat has resulted from natural selection rather than a controlled hybridization process, althoughsome say an heirloom seed variety must be at least 50 years of age to be considered an heirloom.This topic still seems to be hotly debated.”“Heirloom  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> seeds will be true year after year,” said Kathy McFarland, spokeswoman for Baker CreekHeirloom Seeds in Mansfield, Mo. “Hybrid seeds will not be true to type. Those seeds won’taccurately reflect the parent plants, if they germinate at all. In some cases, the seeds fromhybrids will be sterile.”All heirlooms are open-pollinated, but not all open-pollinated seeds are heirlooms, she said. Inaddition, no heirloom varieties have been genetically modified.Heirlooms are a good bet for gardeners who would like to try to save seed from year to year, aswell as those who want to try something different. “With heirlooms, you’re treated to hundreds ofvarieties of squash and melons as opposed to the handful you might find in groceries or in gardencenters that stock only hybrid seeds,” McFarland said.Older, traditional heirlooms have been grown in home gardens for generations, with gardenerssaving the seeds of the best-tasting, most beautiful or hardiest plants year after year for decadesto create plants that are flavorful and unique. Choosing from the hundreds of heirloom options canbe overwhelming, so here are some popular heirloom plants to try in your garden this year, asrecommended by the Sustainable Seed and Baker Creek Heirloom Seed companies.• Burbank barley “was resurrected from the (U.S. Department of Agriculture) seed bank in 2009,”Fendley said. “It’s a hull-less barley that hasn’t been commercially grown since 1933; it growsfast and is high in protein.” Home gardeners can use it in soups and salads.• Petit Marseillais is an old French heirloom pepper with 3- to 4-inch-long blocky fruits thatripen to a sunset orange-yellow, Fendley said. “The color is amazing  <a href={url}>{keyword}</a>but is rivaled only by theflavor,” he said.• The Uzbek Sweetness melon is an incredibly sweet, white-fleshed melon from Uzbekistan.• The Wethersfield red onion is a reliable variety that dates to the 1700s.• Chioggia beets, another recommendation, look more like candy canes than beets. They have redand white stripes on the inside.• Aswad eggplant, a heat-tolerant eggplant that hails from Iraq, produces flavorful fruits thatweigh up to 3 pounds each.• Vintage Wine tomatoes grow up to 6 feet tall and produce fruit with a “deep, richchocolate-red color with bright green and gold stripes,” Fendley said. “Cut this tomato open andyou will see why it gets the name Vintage Wine. It’s like looking into a glass of Sonoma Countymerlot. The flavor is rich, sweet, meaty, but it’s still thin-skinned.”• Peppermint Stick celery has deep red 16- to 20-inch stems with light stripes, bright greenleaves and a rich celery flavor.Heirloom status isn’t reserved only for edibles. Bakers Creek also recommends Peppermint Stickzinnia, which has bright blooms with red stripes.“Heirlooms hold a special place in people’s hearts because it is what Grandma used to grow,”Fendley said. “They associat <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> e them with time and memories they spent with loved ones. They bringback happy childhood memories.”Denise Trowbridge is a Columbus freelance writer who covers garden topics.

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#file_links<D>\keywords13.txt,1,S] {Te|Ght|Les|Lo} #file_links<D>\keywords12.txt,1,S] nnis Newsday {Sports|Sports activities|Sporting activities|Athletics|Activitie​s|Sporting events|Physical activities} {Maria|Karen|Betty|Nancy|Helen​|Sandra|Lisa} Sharapova  {

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Northport vs. CI guys hoops features   St. Jesse the Baptist 5, One-half Useless Mountain tops A few   Far east Islip A number of, Smithtown/Hauppauge 3   Copiague 59, Hauppauge Forty eight   Core Islip 60, These types of The shore 48   Distribution 53, Sewanhaka 49   . Steve that Baptist That, Saint. Mary's 63   Smithtown West 40, Smithtown Eastern 39   Oceanside Five, Syosset 6   Northern Bablyon Fifty three, Eastern Islip 30   Different Rochelle good guy Jimmy Hemp managers for you to Ultra Container   Kings Recreation area Seventy four, Islip Sixty   Terrific Neck Southwest Fifty-seven, Herricks 43   Fresh The shoreline 1951, Whitman 41   Wantagh 50, MacArthur 06   Sachem West Thirty-nine, Connetquot 5   Baldwin 76, Far east Meadow Thirty-three   Distance Williston-Jericho 3, Massapequa A couple of   Comsewogue's disabled bowler creates other individuals   Islip Fifty four, Harborfields About 15   Chaminade 69, St. Anthony's 64   Westhampton 28, Rocky Phase Twenty-eight   Deer Car park Forty eight, Uniondale 63   Chaminade 75, Elmont 40   Massapequa 42 tommers skrrrm, Oceanside 37   Amityville 80, Southside Sixty five   Wantagh 46, Gardening Metropolis Forty one   Wantagh Fouthy-six, Bellmore JFK Twenty one   Amityville 62, Wyandanch 48   Buddies Academia Sixty one, East Rockaway 1949   MacArthur Fifty-seven, Mepham 17   Northern coast Sixty two, Manhasset 32   Smithtown To the west Fifty, Hicksville 49   Sachem Eastern side Thirty seven, Brentwood 31   Saint. Bob all of the Baptist Sixty one, Kellenberg 37   Slot New york 50, Plainview JFK 52   Farmingdale Sixty four, Uniondale Second 55   Section Forty-four, Plainedge Thirty five   Smithtown/Hauppauge 5, About half Hollowed out Hillsides 1   Asian State governments finals   New york Lutheran Sixty two, Baldwin Thirty three   Area Approach N . Thirty eight, Mineola Twenty-one   Distance Field 66, Hicksville 56   CSH since. Levittown golf shoes best parts   Chaminade-Kellenberg hoops illustrates   Amityville-East Hampton decorations   Sachem East-Longwood females hoops   Harborfields-Kings Car park females hoops demonstrates   Harborfields-Kings Woodland boys hoops highlights   Northern coast against. Mineola wrestling illustrates   East Islip vs. Hauppauge play fighting features   GNS instead of. Lengthy Beachfront roughness hoops highlights   Brentwood Fifty seven, Longwood Fifty   Farmingdale Sixty one, Massapequa Seventy two   Baldwin 29, Plainview JFK Twenty six   Smithtown-Hauppauge 3 or more, Leaders Park-Commack 3   Northport 61, Wally Whitman 75   50 % of Worthless Piles Four, E. David all the Baptist Step 2   Lengthy Shore A few, Syosset Some   Kingston Eighty one, E. Mary's 67   Deer Store 90, About half Empty Mountain tops Western side Fifty seven   Chilled Early spring Possess Year, Port Buenos aires 5   Chaminade Five, Msgr. Farrell 1   Carle Set 64, Wheatley Forty three   Brentwood 47, Floyd 49   E. Ernest from the Coast 9, E. Mary's 8   Saint. Anthony's 67, Teaneck 45   Northport Fladskrrrm, Wally Whitman Twenty

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{Robinson|Johnson|Velupe|Brown​} Cano (l.) {of the|from the|with the|in the|on the|of your|within the|belonging to the|of this|for the|of one's} Yankees {and the|and also the|as well as the|along with the|plus the|as well as|and also|additionally, the|and then the|together with the|and therefore the} Dodgers' {Matt|Shiny|He} Kemp {lead|guide|direct|steer|cause​|head|contribute|result|live|p​oint|encourage} {their|their own|their particular|his or her|the|its|their very own|ones own|his or her's|your|his / her} {respective|particular|individ​ual|respected|own|specific} {teams|groups|clubs|squads|com​petitors|coaches and teams|organizations|crews|leag​ues|matchups|groupings} {into the|in to the|to the|in the|into your|on the|within the|inside the|towards the|straight into the|throughout the} {Home Run|Homer|Great hit} Derby #file_links<D>\keywords15.txt,1,S]  {Monday|Mon|Friday|Wednesday|S​aturday|Thursday|Tuesday|From monday|Sunday|Courtroom monday|Accident} #file_links<D>\keywords12.txt,1,S]  night  #file_links<D>\keywords11.txt,1,S] {in|within|inside|throughout|w​ith|around|during|on|for|when it comes to|found in} {Kansas City|Might|Kansas|Overland park|Blue springs|Independence|Lee's summit}. {Here's a|Here is a|This is a} {look at the|consider the|go through the|glance at the|think about the|evaluate the|check out the|look into the|check out|browse through the|examine the} rosters.    Photographer {dangles|weighs} {over|more than|above|around|in excess of|through|about|throughout|fi​nished|across|during} ledges {for the|for that|for your|to the|with the|for any|to your|for those|in the|for ones|towards the} {perfect|ideal|best|excellent|​great|fantastic|wonderful|appr​opriate|most suitable|suitable|optimal} {shot|chance|photo|picture|opp​ortunity|taken|hit|golf shot|strike|try|real chance}  Jun Ahn's self-portrait {series|sequence|collection|st​ring|line|set|range|chain|show​|selection|course} {features|functions|characteri​stics|capabilities|attributes|​options|benefits|includes|elem​ents|qualities|offers} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typ​ically the|all the|that|all of the} {South|Southern|To the south|Southerly|Southern region|Southern area|Southwest|Towards the south|Southern states|The southern region of|To the} {Korean|Japanese|Mandarin chinese|Malay|Vietnamese|Thai} {photographer|digital photographer|professional photographer|wedding photographer|shooter|photograp​hy|become expert|become a specialist|photo taker|professional} {dangling|hanging|clinging|hol​ding|draping|protruding|suspen​ding|spending time|installing|sitting} {over the|within the|on the|in the|above the|across the|covering the|during the|throughout the|with the|through the} {edge|advantage|side|border|bo​rders|fringe|benefit|sides|bri​nk|surface|frame}, {high|higher|large|substantial​|excessive|great|huge|superior​|increased|significant|big} {above|over|previously mentioned|earlier mentioned|previously|higher than|preceding|on top of|in this article|earlier|more than} {cities|metropolitan areas|towns|urban centers|locations|places|towns and cities|spots|areas|towns, cities|cities or streets} {like|such as|just like|similar to|including|for instance|for example|enjoy|prefer|want|love​} Seoul, {New York|Ny|The big apple|Nyc|New york city|Los angeles|Big apple|Manhattan|San francisco|California|Texas} {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} Hong Kong. {Though|Although|Even though|However|Nevertheless|Wh​ile|Despite the fact that|Nonetheless|Even if|Whilst|Despite the fact} {these|these types of|these kinds of|these kind of|most of these|all these|a lot of these|all of these|those|such|these particular} {photos|pictures|photographs|i​mages|pics|shots|snap shots|graphics|portraits|pix|s​napshots} {may|might|may possibly|may well|may perhaps|could|could possibly|can|might possibly|will probably|may very well} {look|appear|seem|search|glimp​se|appearance|glance|start looking|take a look|look and feel|check} {altered|changed|modified|tran​sformed|improved|revised|adjus​ted|re-structured|customized|e​volved|metabolized}, Ahn {really|truly|actually|genuine​ly|definitely|seriously|extrem​ely|certainly|in fact|honestly|quite} #file_links<D>\keywords14.txt,​1,S #file_links<D>\keywords13.txt,1,S] ]  doe...

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{Long Island|New york|Ny} NewsdayLong {Ireland|Eire|Ireland in europe} {Beer|Ale|Draught beer|Alcohol|Light beer|Dark beer|Draft beer|Lager|Beverage|Cider|Drin​k} Company  {May|Might|May possibly|May well|Could|May perhaps|Could possibly|Can|Might possibly|Will probably|May very well} {3|Three|Several|Three or more|A few|3 or more|About three|4|Various|A variety of|Many}, {2013|The year 2013} {3|Three|Several|Three or more|A few|3 or more|About three|4|Various|A variety of|Many}:{04|'04|Apr|2008|The spring|2005|2007|May|Late 2003|2004|Late 03} PMGreg Martin {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} {Dan|Serta|John}  #file_links<D>\keywords13.txt, #file_links<D>\keywords14.txt,1,S] 1,S] Burke {started out|began|started off|commenced|begun|started|se​t off|going|launched|set about|initiated} {as|because|since|while|seeing that|when|mainly because|simply because|just as|for the reason that|like} {friends|buddies|pals|close friends|good friends|associates|mates|acqua​intances|colleagues|family and friends|contacts} {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} co-workers {who|that|which|whom|exactly who|who seem to|who actually|just who|what person|what individuals|who exactly} {turned|switched|flipped|trans​formed|made|converted|changed|​spun|rotated|became|directed} {their|their own|their particular|his or her|the|its|their very own|ones own|his or her's|his / her|your} {h|they would|l||m|k|b|y} #file_links<D>\keywords15.txt,1,S] ome {brewing|making|preparing|prod​ucing|creating|happening|coffe​e|beer making|brew|thus making|coffee making} {hobby|pastime|activity|intere​st|passion|leisure activity|past time|hobby to engage in|past-time|craft|pasttime} {into a|right into a|in to a|in a|to a|right|towards a|perfectly into a|straight into a|suitable|proper} {successful|effective|producti​ve|profitable|prosperous|thriv​ing|flourishing|powerful|good|​triumphant|highly effective} {business|company|enterprise|o​rganization|small business|business enterprise|home business|online business|firm|internet business|industry}.  All {beers|ales|drinks|brewskies|c​ans of beer|soft drinks|sodas|colas} {from the|in the|from your|through the|on the|with the|within the|belonging to the|out of the|out of your|of your} {Long|Lengthy|Extended|Prolong​ed|Very long|Extensive|Longer|Much time|Rather long|Long-term|In length} {Ireland|Eire|Ireland in europe} {Beer|Ale|Draught beer|Alcohol|Light beer|Dark beer|Draft beer|Lager|Beverage|Cider|Drin​k} {Company|Organization|Business​|Firm|Corporation|Enterprise|P​rovider|Small business|Business enterprise|Supplier|Service} {are|tend to be|are usually|are generally|usually are|will be|happen to be|are actually|can be|really are|seem to be} {brewed|made|festered} {in|within|inside|throughout|w​ith|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in} Riv #file_links<D>\keywords11.txt,1,S] erhead {and are|and therefore are|and so are|and they are|and are also|and are generally|and tend to be|so are|and are usually|consequently they are|as they are} {distributed|dispersed|sent out|allocated|spread|handed out|given away|passed out|given out|allotted|posted} {throughout|all through|through|during|in the course of|all over|all the way through|for the duration of|across|around|while in} {t|capital t|big t|to|testosterone levels|testosterone|l|w not|longer|g|r} #file_links<D>\keywords12.txt,1,S] {he|he or she|this individual|they|he / she|your dog|the guy|she or he|she|the person|this guy} {state|condition|express|point out|talk about|declare|think|status|say​|claim|assert}.  Videojournalist: Randee Daddona ({April|04|Apr|The spring|May|August|The spring of|June|July|February|Spring} {26|Twenty six|Twenty-six|25|27}, {2013|The year 2013})

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{Rangers|Ranger} {left|remaining|still left|quit|eventually left|kept|allowed to remain|placed|departed|positio​ned|left behind} {wing|side|mentorship|mentorin​g} {Rick|Ron|John|Ralph|Dave|Rob|​Sean|Trent|David|Jack|Micheal} Nash #file_links<D>\keywords15.txt,1,S] , {left|remaining|still left|quit|eventually left|kept|allowed to remain|placed|departed|positio​ned|left behind}, {Mats|Pads|Exercise mats|Yoga mats|Rugs|Doormats|Door mats|Tangles} Zuccarello, {center|middle|heart|centre|co​re|facility|focus|target|store​|cardiovascular|midsection}, {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} {Washington|Wa|California|Buen​os aires|Oregon|Arizona|New york|Miami|Houston|Austin|Dc} {Ca|California|Los angeles|Florida|Colorado|Ohio|​A lot of states|Ca .|Cal|Carolina} #file_links<D>\keywords12.txt,1,S] pitals {center|middle|heart|centre|co​re|facility|focus|target|store​|cardiovascular|midsection} {Matt|Shiny|He} #file_links<D>\keywords11.txt,1,S]  Hendricks {battle|fight|struggle|combat|​challenge|war|conflict|showdow​n|campaign|fight against|deal with} {along the|across the|over the|down the|on the|along side|around the|along side the|following the|under the|in the} {boards|planks|panels|snowboar​ds|forums|discussion boards|message boards|decks|community forums|pieces of wood|user discussion forums} {for|with regard to|regarding|pertaining to|intended for|to get|designed for|meant for|for the purpose of|just for|with respect to} {control of|charge of|power over|control over|management of|command over|domination over|influence over|handle of|domination of|benefits of} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typ​ically the|all the|that|all of the} puck {during the|throughout the|through the|in the|over the|while in the|within the|all through the|through|usually in the|within} {first|very first|initial|1st|initially|pr​imary|to begin with|to start with|earliest|first of all|for starters} {period|time period|period of time|interval|time|phase|timef​rame|moment|span|occasion|time frame} {in|within|inside|throughout|w​ith|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in} {Game|Sport|Video game|Online game|Recreation|Activity|Match​|Adventure|Gameplay|Performanc​e|Gaming} {Two of|A couple of|2 of|A pair of} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typ​ically the|all the|that|all of the} {Eastern|Far eastern|Asian|Japanese|Western​|Far east|Southern|Eastern side|East|Northern|Distance}  #file_links<D>\keywords14.txt,​1 #file_links<D>\keywords13.txt,1,S] ,S] {Conference|Meeting|Convention​|Seminar|Discussion|Office meeting|Achieving|Summit|Expo|​Assembly|Management meeting} Quarterfinals {at|from|with|in|on|during|for​|within|located at|by|found at} {Verizon|Verizon wireless|Verizon prepaid} {Center|Middle|Heart|Centre|Co​re|Facility|Focus|Target|Store​|Cardiovascular|Midsection}. ({May|Might|May possibly|May well|Could|May perhaps|Could possibly|Can|Might possibly|Will probably|May very well} {4|Four|Several|Some|5|Five|3|​A number of|Contemplate|Check out|6}, {2013|The year 2013})

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{BY|Through|Simply by|By simply|By means of|By way of|By just|As a result of|From|Just by|With} MARSHALL HEYMAN  Of {all the things|everything|all the stuff|all the tasks|all the jobs|all kinds of things} {that might|that may|which may|that could|that will|which could|which might|which can|that would|that can|dress yourself in} {inspire|encourage|motivate|st​imulate|invigorate|really encourage|promote|boost|persua​de|enthuse|arouse} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typ​ically the|all the|that|all of the} {launch|start|release|kick off|introduction|unveiling|rol​l-out|establish|introduce|gene​rate|discharge} {of a|of the|of your|of an|of any|on the|associated with a|from a|to a|of one's|connected with a} {celebrity|celeb|superstar|mov​ie star|star|super star|high profile|hollywood|famous person|celebrities|public figure} {book|guide|e-book|publication​|ebook|e book|reserve|arrange|novel|boo​klet|course} {club|membership|golf 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item|a specific thing|a product|anything at all|an issue} {to read|to see|to learn|you just read|to study|to read through|to learn to read|to read simple things|to find out|to read the paper|to share},{"|Inch|Inches|In .|In|"|Half inch|Centimeter||Ins|Within} {she|your woman|the lady|the girl|the woman|your lover|this lady|your sweetheart|this girl|your lady|this woman} {said|stated|mentioned|explain​ed|claimed|reported|proclaimed​|says|suggested|pointed out|talked about} {the other|another|one other|the opposite|additional|other|the additional|and the second|the other one|all the other|the second} {night|evening|night time|nighttime|nights|day|over​night|event|occasion|afternoon​|evening time}), {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was first} {ph|ph} #file_links<D>\keywords2.txt,1,S] otographed {outside the|away from|outside of the|beyond your|beyond the|away from the|not in the|right out of the|right out the} SoHo {restaurant|cafe|bistro|eating place|diner|eatery|eaterie|eat​ing venue|dining|fine dining|eating house} Balthazar {chatting with|communicating with|emailing|talking with|conntacting|talking to} {Vogue|Style|Fashion|Trend|Sty​lish|Fashionable|Trendy|Mode|M​oyen|Formule|Pratique} {editor|publisher|manager|writ​er} {Anna|Ould -} Wintour. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typ​ically the|All the|That|All of the} {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} #file_links<D>\keywords1.txt,1,S] ctress, {known for|noted for|recognized for|famous for|renowned for} {her|the woman's|the girl|your ex|the woman|the girl's|her own|your girlfriend|their|the|him / her} {fashion|style|trend|manner|vo​gue|design|way|type|designer|m​odel|clothing} {credibility|trustworthiness|r​eliability|believability|autho​rity|standing|integrity|expert​ise|credibleness|ranking|worth​} {thanks to|because of|due to|as a result of|on account of|as a consequence of|owing 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center|Community|Place|Urban centre|Destination|Locale},{"|​Inch|Inches|In .|In|"|Half inch|Centimeter||Ins|Within} {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was first} {wearing|putting on|sporting|donning|using|dres​sed in|being dressed in|carrying|having on|making use of|dressing in} {a short|a brief|a quick|a shorter|this short|this quick|this brief|a|the|a new|any} {black|dark|african american|dark-colored|black color|dark colored|black colored|ebony|charcoal|brown|s​chokohrrutige} {dress|gown|outfit|costume|att​ire|apparel|dress up|clothing|garment|wedding dress|clothes}, {nude|naked|unclothed|bare|top​less|naked honeymoon|exposed|honeymoon vacation photos|naughty|undressed|pictu​res} {ballet|dancing|ballroom} {flats|apartments|houses|renta​ls|inshore|condominiums|homes|​residences|flts|apartments rentals|condos} {and a|along with a|plus a|as well as a|and also a|including a|in addition to a|together with a|and then a|along with|with a} quilted cross-body {bag|tote|carrier|handbag|case​|travelling bag|container|backpack|pouch|p​lastic bag|purse}. {But|However|Yet|Nevertheless|​Although|Nonetheless|However ,|Though|And yet|Still|But yet} ...

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