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Become Publisher Now with and Earn money from your blog/website.


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7SearchPPC is the best PPC company connecting quality advertisers to publishers. We offer industry-leading revenue shares to our publishing partners so that they can grow their blog’s or website’s revenue potential. Whether you are a hobbyist running a side project or considering to give blogging a try, 7SearchPPC can help you with the revenue side of things. If you are operating any website, you can join 7SerachPPC as a publisher for free and start making money from your website. With revenue sharing deals starting at 60%, you wouldn’t be able to find better opportunities elsewhere. We provide timely payments to our publishing partners as per our revenue-sharing agreement. As a publisher, It is easy to get started with 7SerachPPC because we have a team of dedicated professionals who will help you every step of the way. ppc advertising network If you ever get stuck at something, you are just a few moments away from a professional. We are here to ease our publishing partners’ burden of finding the right ads for their website by curating ads from some of the industry’s best brand names. We provide quality adverts to help you monetize your website without compromising the user experience. When you join 7SearchPPC as a publisher, you will have the liberty to choose the types of ads you want and where you want to show those ads on your website. We are in the industry long enough to understand our publishers’ needs and give them precisely what they desire. We have algorithms in place that will never put out-of-context ads or adverts that don’t match your website’s content. We ensure to provide the best quality ads, and for that, we have put in place strict requirements that our advertising partners have to fulfill. This scrutiny process helps 7SerachPPC provide quality ads to our publishers, ensuring an excellent user experience. Homme Homme
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Become Publisher Now with and Earn money from your blog/website. 7searchppc
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We provide you the perfect opportunity to monetize your website traffic and make money without doing any additional work.
If you have a website or a personal blog and want to make money from it, then 7SerachPPC is what you are looking for.  
7SerachPPC is the leading PPC platform that offers the best deals for its publishing partners. We have a plethora of ads to choose from; you can select which category of ads you want to display on your website, and you can also choose between the text and banner ads. The offers unrivaled flexibility in the industry.
We do not only have a robust yet flexible structure of our ad service, but we are also proud of our revenue sharing practices. We ensure that our publishers get paid timely, and we have an excellent track record when it comes to managing publisher payments. Not only timely payments, but 7SerachPPC also provide one of highest revenue sharing percentage in the PPC industry.  ppc vs cpc,
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We have a multitude of advertising partners offering ads in every category, which means that you will find suitable adverts no matter your website’s niche. We carefully scrutinize our advertising partners to ensure that your website only receives the best quality ads. We have also put systems in place that help you get the ads with the highest bid amount so you can make the maximum amount of money from using 7SearchPPC. | Forums | Aide - FAQ |